Spray Perfect Reviews: Does it Work?


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Spray Perfect

Spray Perfect is nail polish which is sprayed rather than painted, and doesn’t adhere to skin.

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Claims & Features

  • Sprayed onto nails, doesn’t adhere to skin
  • Saves money over salon visits
  • Dries in under a minute
  • Seven colors available
  • Base/Top coat included with every order

Cost & Availability

Spray Perfect can be purchased from the official product website, buysprayperfect.com, for $19.99 and free shipping. This includes two cans of Spray Perfect (your of two cans of the same color) plus a bottle of base/top coat.

Spray Perfect is currently limited to the Continental U.S., thus no Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, or international orders.

Spray Perfect Commercial

Below is a transcript of the commercial that ran for Spray Perfect around March 2016:

“They’re gorgeous!”

“This is awesome.”


“I love the color.”

What if I told you perfectly polished nails were just a spray away? Hi, I’m Taylor Baldwin and you’re going to fall in love with this. It’s Spray Perfect, the spray-on nail polish that gives you perfect polished salon-looking nails without stressing the details.

Look, Spray Perfect gives you all-over gorgeous color in seconds. For the world’s fastest manicure, and don’t stress the mess. The extra polish washes right off your skin with water.

“The color is unbelievable. It’s so solid, it came right off my fingers. I can’t wait to tell my friends about it. I love it.”

The secret is Spray Perfect smart polish formula that only sticks to your nails but easily washes off your skin with water. Perfect.

And unlike bottled polish that tips, drips, and takes forever to put on, with Spray Perfect you get smooth, easy, complete coverage in seconds.

“This is really, really brilliant. I love that it stays on my nails and that it is off my skin, and the color’s fantastic.”

Whether you’re left handed or right handed, it’s so simple to spray on. For beautiful chip and crack resistant polish you’ll love to show off.

And watch this, Spray Perfect is great for toenails, too, because it’s so easy to do.

Ladies, your perfectly-polished nails are just a spray away with Spray Perfect. Call or go online right now to get Spray Perfect in Racy Red for just $19.99. We’ll also give you this Spray Perfect Base & Top Coat free. And because one color is never enough, we’re going to give you a second Spray Perfect in Sexy Silver totally free. You get two colors and the base & top coat for one low price. And you’re going to love this too: We’re going to ship your entire order absolutely free. That’s right, free shipping. Call or go online to buysprayperfect.com now.

Spray Perfect Reviews

Spray Perfect is a spray-on nail polish. A cursory glance at the commercial above gives the indication that you can completely polish your nails in just seconds. While this is technically the case, there should be an asterisk next to such an assertion.

Although the spraying step of Spray Perfect takes seconds, there are several other steps which make this more like a 5-10 minute procedure. You’ll first need to apply a base coat, which is not optional. The base and top coat (combined in one bottle) are included with every order. Some consumers have suggested that any base coat would work, but we have not confirmed this. The spray polish won’t properly adhere to the nail without the base coat, so you’ll want to be sure to apply it as perfectly as possible. If you miss a spot, it is likely that the polish in that section will wash off. Try to avoid applying the base coat to cuticles in order to prevent color from adhering there while spraying.

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After applying the base coat and letting it completely dry, you’ll then shake the can and spray onto your nails from about 6 inches away. You’ll want to protect the surface where you are spraying it, as it functions like spray paint and could easily become a mess if you aren’t prepared. A large piece of paper, old piece of cardboard, or disposable towel should suffice.

The next step is to apply a top coat in order to protect the color. We’ve heard that applying a second top coat may help add extra shine and strength. After that completely dries, you simply wash your hands with soap and warm water, and the color will stay on your nails, but wash off of your skin.

Spray Perfect delivers in regards to a nicely-painted set of nails with less skill required than doing it the traditional way. The base coat is probably the only step which requires you to dexterously apply anything to your nails. The rest of the steps simply include spraying and washing. The final result is attractive and sturdy nails, and the entire process feels more like a craft project than painting nails. Spray Perfect reps have said that it will last “up to 5 days” although our tests seemed to indicate that is a conservative estimate, and it could easily last longer.

There is something of a learning curve in order to achieve the optimal result. It may take a couple of attempts to understand how far away to hold the can, how fast to move it while passing over the nails, and how important the base and top coats are. Your first try may be ripply or bumpy if you applied too much base coat or sprayed too slowly.

Although Spray Perfect is a new product (its domain was only registered in January 2016), its Facebook page has already amassed over 100,000 fans within only its first few weeks online. Reps from the company have been somewhat absent, as there are numerous questions posted to the page which have gone unanswered, forcing other consumers to try to play the role of customer service reps.

One question commonly asked online is how to remove Spray Perfect. Standard nail polish remover should work the same as it would for nails polished in the traditional manner. Because you have three layers on each nail, it may take a bit of rubbing to remove it, although it isn’t excessive. A rep on the product Facebook page confirmed this, writing, “You can use any regular nail polish remover to remove Spray Perfect.”

Spray Perfect “Cons”

There are a few concerns with Spray Perfect, although we don’t want these to dissuade you from trying it, because we do like the product overall. First, a spray can is not environmentally safe, and may also generate fumes that may be dense if you use it in a small bathroom. For this reason, you’ll want to ensure proper ventilation wherever you decide to use Spray Perfect. Next, because it applies like a spray paint, there is a significant amount of product which is wasted, as it is sprayed onto fingers or the surface below. There is no way to avoid this.

What was originally a “con” has recently become more of a plus. Spray Perfect was originally only available in four colors, and sold in sets of two different colors. Three more colors were soon added, as well as the ability to purchase individual colors. It still seems odd that you are forced into two cans of the same color. Allowing customers to mix and match would be preferable.

International customers must wait for Spray Perfect to begin shipping outside of the Continental U.S.

Similar Products

There are two spray-on nail products new in early 2016, Spray Perfect and Nails Inc Paint Can, which was previewed by Glamour on March 3, 2016 ahead of its actual U.S. release. Unless these products are actually related (which there is no evidence yet to believe this), we would expect to see something of a war for consumers between these two products, and possibly even a battle to claim who appeared first.

You can purchase Nails Inc Paint Can from Amazon for about $30, although initial reviews are not positive.

Epic Conclusion

Despite a few minor concerns, Spray Perfect appears to be a winner, provided you have realistic expectations. The entire process takes longer than suggested, due to base and top coats, but Spray Perfect makes doing your nails fun.

Have you tried Spray Perfect? Please give it a star rating and comment below.