SpiderTech Review: Athletic Sports Tape


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SpiderTech is a line of pre-cut elastic therapeutic tape, commonly known as Kinesio tape, which is advertised as a way to relieve pain and increase athletic performance.

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Claims & Features

  • Drug-free pain relief
  • Works up to 5 days
  • Easy to apply

Cost & Availability

SpiderTech is available online and at select stores such as Walmart. There are numerous products in this line, ranging from large lower back pieces, to small hand-sized options. The prices range from about $7 to $25. Larger 10-packs are also available for about $63-$79.

SpiderTech Commercial

The commercial below has been airing as of this July 2015.

SpiderTech Reviews

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There are those who swear by athletic tapes such as SpiderTech, and this line has now been available for a couple of years. Any review of Kinesio tape will likely be met with the assertion that this is an unproven technology with little research to prove its effectiveness, which we touch on below.

Regarding the product itself, ratings for SpiderTech tend to hover around the 3-star range. Those who have expressed dissatisfaction with the product tend to state that it either did not work at all, was difficult to apply, or that the adhesive did not last the full five days. Because it is only a one-time use product, consumers expect the adhesive to last the full five days as advertised.

SpiderTech also has a number of consumers who have expressed satisfaction with the product. It comes in stylish colors and convenient pre-cut designs. Purchasing rolls of Kinesio tape which must be cut by the consumer are not always well-received, and SpiderTech offers a large variety of pre-cut options. We found it to be comfortable, yet somewhat difficult to apply. While we did not encounter a problem with the edges coming up days before the 5-day limit, that has been a concern expressed by some consumers.

Does Kinesio Tape Work?

Studies have largely found insufficient evidence that Kinesio tape provides any long-term benefits. There have been some studies which may indicate strength-related benefits or short-term pain relief, but some medical professionals attribute perceived pain relief as placebo effect, or possibly subconscious changes in behavior made while the tape is applied to the body. Some have pointed out that Kinesio tape did not out-perform other elastic tapes in some studies.

Similar Products

There are numerous Kinesio tapes available. Some come in rolls that the consumer must cut themselves, while others (such as SpiderTech) are available in pre-cut applications. Some competitors, such as Kinesio Tex, boast slightly higher ratings, with superior adhesive and lower prices likely factors. More information on both sides of the argument from non-medical writers can be found on this website and by this reviewer.

Epic Conclusion

For those who are convinced that Kinesio tape is a technology that works, SpiderTech is a respectable entry in this crowded field. Its pre-cut design gives it an advantage over rolls of tape which may require cutting by the consumer. It is now available in select stores such as Walmart, which may be the optimal route to go if you want to try it out.

There are, of course, many medical professionals who claim that any perceived results are from placebo effect, or perhaps by subconscious changes in behavior due to the tape’s presence on the body.

If you’ve used SpiderTech, please give it a star rating and comment below.