Pooch Smooch Review: Dog Bad Breath Eliminator


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Pooch Smooch

Pooch Smooch is an oral hygiene product for dogs which is said to eliminate bad breath and contribute to overall dog health.

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Claims & Features

  • Contains 1500 bristles and 4 scrapers
  • Eliminates bad breath and odor causing bacteria
  • Dishwasher safe

Cost & Availability

Pooch Smooch costs $19.95. The current offer includes the Pooch Smooch, Pooch Paste, and a Pooch Groom Brush. There is a $7.95 shipping charge, plus $4.95 “processing fee for bonus items” which makes your grand total $32.85. We did not see a way to opt out of the bonus items.

Pooch Paste 2-pack refills cost about $10 each.

You can now find Pooch Smooch in stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond for about $20.

Pooch Smooch Commercial

The TV commercial transcript below is for a commercial which aired in 2015 but has since been removed from YouTube.

Whoa! Where did that stinky breath come from? As a dog owner, you know dogs will stick their mouths in anything, causing uncontrollable, smelly breath. Cleaning your dog’s mouth is difficult.

And did you know that 90% of the bacteria that causes bad breath is found on the tongue? But how do you clean your dog’s tongue? You don’t. You let the dog do it itself!

“Hi, I’m Georgia Wilson, introducing Pooch Smooch, the revolutionary 360 degree tongue cleaner for your dog. Just apply our delicious, made-in-the-USA pooch paste to the brush, and let your pooch do all the work!

Our Pooch Smooch brush has over fifteen-hundred bristles and four scrapers, made to scrape away plaque and bacteria that live deep inside the tongue.”

“Pooch Smooch is a great, convenient way to eliminate the odor-causing bacteria on your pet’s tongue.

When this bacteria is swallowed, it enters the blood stream, and can cause kidney, liver, or heart disease, and even cancer in your dog. Poor oral hygiene can dramatically reduce your dog’s life span.”

“It’s perfect for dogs big, or small, and when it’s time to clean, the Pooch brush is dishwasher safe! Pooch paste is made in the USA with delicious natural ingredients and bacteria-fighting enzymes.”

“Oh! You smell so good!”

“I think the minute he heard the package opening, he’d come running.”

“Yeah, it smells a lot better.”

“It worked immediately.”

“It’s this easy. I’d definitely do it every day.”

“Don’t wait! It’s not too late to start improving your dog’s oral health.”

Pooch Smooch Reviews

This oral hygiene product for dogs offers pet owners the ability to keep their dogs’ breath fresh without having to resort to intrusive brushing or sprays. With Pooch Smooch, you simply have your dog lick the specially-designed circular apparatus, which is covered with a fine layer of edible Pooch Paste to prompt the dog to lick it.

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What makes Pooch Smooch a desirable product as part of your dog’s oral care is that it allows the owner to give their pets a treat, as opposed to some of the unpleasant methods required by other means to clean a dog’s mouth.

Pooch Smooch does seem to work as advertised, although it is not an all-encompassing oral care product, as it does not remove plaque or tartar. It does, however, help keep breath in check and presumably provides additional benefits with the reduction of bacteria in the dog’s mouth.

As with any food or treat, not all dogs will be enticed to lick the ball, but the majority of pet owners should find that their pets enjoy the taste.

Consumer reviews tend to hover around the 3.5-star range. On Amazon, it holds a 3.5 star rating with over 100 customer reviews, while the same score has been given by our readers here at Epic Reviews. At Bed Bath and Beyond, a small number of consumers have given it a 3 star rating.

Similar Products

There are numerous dog breath fresheners available online. These include sprays, brushes, and chews. The method by which Pooch Smooch works, however, appears to be unique.

Epic Conclusion

While Pooch Smooch may not be a comprehensive oral health solution for dogs, it is certainly a solid addition to your dog’s overall dental regimen. Results are subjective and will vary, but the majority of users should find that it does provide some relief.

If you’ve used Pooch Smooch, please give it a star rating and comment below.

This review has been updated since its original publication in August 2015.