Plumber’s Hero Review: Does it Unclog Drains?


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Reviews of Plumber’s Hero, an As Seen on TV clog remover.

Plumber’s Hero

This device consists of a pressurized can with rubber attachments that are placed over a drain. The can is activated, which sends pressurized air into the drain, which will then dislodge the clogged material. The product comes with 1 Plumber’s Hero can, 2 attachments, and an extended toilet handle. The can delivers up to 20 uses.

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Claims & Features

  • Clear any clog fast
  • Opens drains instantly
  • No tools required
  • Leaves a fresh orange scent
  • Works on bathroom sinks, toilets, and garbage disposals
  • Up to 20 applications per can
  • Works on clogs created by hair, grease, food, coffee grounds, and soap build-up
  • No harmful acids or lyes
  • Works on septic systems
  • 10 year shelf life
  • Made in the USA

Cost & Availability

If you order from the product website, Plumber’s Hero is $19.99 plus $7.95 shipping for a total cost of $27.94.

As of May 2015, the product is not available in stores, although their FAQ claims that it will be in major hardware stores and retail chains.

Plumber’s Hero Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing. Another version features TV pitchman Marc Gill.

Plumber’s Hero Reviews

Products sold as easy solutions to clogged drains are a mainstay of television advertising. While many consumers opt for chemical solutions such as Draino, there are those who have reasons to prefer the old-fashioned plunger method. That, of course, has limitations, which is where Plumber’s Hero attempts to provide further help.

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This product is a pressurized can which connects to rubber attachments which can be places over the drain. A burst of pressurized air is then sent into the drain, which will ideally break the clog free.

Plumber’s Hero was featured on Home Shopping Network in early 2015. The 8 reviews posted there until it was removed were split among those who said it did “nothing” versus those who said they loved it.

There is virtually no overwhelming consensus on the product, presumably due to variations in types of clogs and the technique of the individual consumer.

Similar Products

There are, obviously, untold numbers of drain opening products on the market. There is a similar, and highly-rated, 15-use pressurized can by CLR uses that boasts a 4-star rating at Amazon. It performs similarly to Plumber’s Hero.

There are also pump-style drain openers such as Drain Buster, which – while requiring some effort by the user – have no limit on the number of uses.

Epic Conclusion

Plumber’s Hero is a pressurized can which delivers a clog-busting burst of air to drains. Reviews for the product run the gamut, and there is no clear-cut consensus as to customer satisfaction. Some claim it is a wonder product, while others state that it simply doesn’t work. This is probably affected by the type of clog and the technique employed by the user. There are other drain openers on the market which could be investigated as an alternative.

Plumber’s Hero should be in stores in the coming months, which will give the consumer a better way to evaluate the product without shipping delays or charges, and with an easier return process for most retailers.

If you’ve used Plumber’s Hero, please give it a star rating above, and leave us your thoughts in the comments below.