Perfect Ab-Carver Pro Reviews 2015


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Review of Perfect Ab-Carver Pro, a contemporary version of the abdominal exercise wheel which was purportedly designed by an inventor who was a former Navy SEAL.

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About Perfect Ab Carver Pro

Said to be invented by a former Navy SEAL, the Perfect Ab Carver Pro is a broad wheel flanked by angled ergonomic performance grips. The product is based on “ab wheels” which have been used in military training for many years.

Exercising with the Perfect Ab-Carver Pro involves rolling it forward and backward while the body maintains a kneeling to position. This is said to work the abdominal muscles while the angled grips also provide a workout to the arm muscles. Inside the wheel is a carbon steel spring which provides resistance when pushing the wheel out, but provides assistance when the wheel is pulled back toward the core.

According to the product commercial, achieving maximum results from the Perfect Ab-Carver Pro also requires additional exercise and eating a healthy diet.

The official product website is

Cost and Availability

Perfect Ab-Carver Pro is available to order online from the product website, in some stores, and on third party websites.

The product website features six different packages for Perfect Ab-Caver Pro. In the most basic package, which includes the Ab-Carver Pro and a set of knee pads, the price is set at $39.99. However, this price does not include taxes and shipping which are applied to the order after all billing and credit information is inputted.

The most expensive product is $89.99 and includes the Ab-Carver Pro, knee pad, Perfect Pushup Elite, Perfect Multi-Gym, Perfect Core Support Waist Belt, and downloadable workouts.

In the commercial, it is also stated that there is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, yet there are no visible details of this on the product website.

Some stores like WalMart and Dicks Sporting Goods carry Perfect Ab Carver Pro for around $30-$40, yet store purchases do not include the knee pads.

Claims and Features

  • Carves the body core to provide muscular abs and chiseled arms
  • Operates on a broad stabilizing wheel which contains a carbon steel spring
  • Rubber hand grips to increase stability and prevent slippage
  • Basic purchases from the website include a pair of high density foam knee pads

Perfect Ab-Carver Pro Commercial

Perfect Ab-Carver Pro Reviews

The majority of Perfect Ab-Carver Pro user reviews on sites such as Amazon, WalMart, and Dicks Sporting Goods are uniformly positive. As with any product, there are some negative reviews, but these consist of a small minority of users.

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Potential consumers need to realize that noticeable results from the Ab-Carver Pro require a combination of eating a healthy diet and consistent workouts over a period of time. When used correctly (there are detailed instructions downloadable from the product website), carefully, and consistently in a habitual manner, there will be results, yet many people who use this product as intended will still probably not be able to achieve the ideal set of six-pack abs portrayed in the commercials and promotional photographs.

The workout is rather strenuous to those who have not used the product before. There is a slight learning curve to perfecting the ideal posture to make Ab Carver work most efficiently. You can use it in a straight rolling motion, or you can “carve” to the right or left to include additional muscles in your workout.

Some user reviews note that products of a similar design are available for a lower price. It might be wise to shop around for alternate products in a local sporting goods store.

Keep in mind that some of the cheaper ab wheels are not of the quality we found in Ab Carver, and the wheels are often narrower – which means you will need to keep better balance than with Ab Carver.

With over 2500 reviews on Amazon, Ab Carver Pro holds a 4.5 star rating.

Epic Conclusion

Perfect Ab-Carver Pro is an abdominal workout tool that is similar to an “ab wheel.” It is meant to be used alongside a healthy diet to reduce the waist line and tone muscles in the abdomen and arms. Reviews posted online by users are mostly positive, although there are a minority users who were unhappy with the product. Proper and habitual use of the Ab-Carver Pro will provide observable results, but it is unlikely that most customers will obtain the perfect abs that are glorified in promotional imagery. Before purchasing the Ab-Carver Pro, it may be wise to price other “ab wheels” on the market, as some reviewers have stated that there are comparable products that are more reasonably priced.

If you’ve tried Ab-Carver Pro, give it a star rating above and a comment below.

This review has been updated since its original publication in December 2014.