Knot Out Review: Pet Knot Remover


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Knot Out

Knot Out is a knot remover for pets which is advertised as a superior solution to other methods.

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Claims & Features

  • Instantly removes knots
  • Safety teeth prevents cuts from blades
  • Quick and simple
  • No pulling of hair
  • Works for all breeds of cats and dogs

Cost & Availability

Website: $14.99 + $6.99 P&H, plus a second mandatory unit for another $4.99 P&H.

Knot Out Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.


You love your best friend, but grooming his coat is impossible and sharp combs can be down right dangerous. Your best friend needs Knot Out, the amazing new pain free grooming tool. It’s guaranteed to gently and safety remove knots from your pet’s fur. Watch, simply use Knot Out on your dogs fur. When you get stuck on a knot, just press the button to remove the knot instantly. It’s that easy, and it’s super safe.

The secret is the small recessed blades that instantly eliminate knots for faster, easier grooming, and Knot Out is so safe, the patented system allows the safety teeth to gently massage your pet while keep the blade away from delicate skin. Use Knot Out on your pet’s paws, Knot Out behind her ears, even groom her face.

“My dog runs away as soon as he sees a brush, but with Knot Out there was no struggle.”

“My dog’s hair is so thick. A regular brush does not get the knots out. With Knot Out, I’m finally able to groom him from head to toe.”

This tangled mess is a struggle to comb out, but Knot Out glides through the coat and easily eliminates the knots. Amazing. Knot Out is so quick and so easy. It removes any knot on any long haired breed. No tugging. No struggling. It even works on long haired cats. Knot Out gets the knots out fast and it’s pain free.

Groomers cost up to $100. Now you can easily the knots out safely with Knot Out for just $14.99, but wait, call now and you can double your offer just pay separate processing and handling.

As a bonus, you’ll get the pet hair remover sponge absolutely free. With one simple wipe, remove pet hair from furniture, clothes, cars, and more. Try Knot Out for 60 days. If your dog doesn’t love it as much as you do, send it back. No questions asked. You get it all for just $14.99 for a beautiful coat without any pain. Call or click now.

Knot Out Reviews

Knot Out seeks to solve a problem which pet owners have faced forever: removing pet knots easily and safely. Typically pet knots have to be removed with scissors, lengthy brushing, or even having the pet shaved. Can Knot Out tackle this age-old problem of pet knots?

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Knot Out works like a comb with soft teeth. There are blades within the unit which do not come into contact with the pet’s skin because of its placement and a small guard. To remove knots, you simply comb your pet’s fur normally. When you encounter a knot, you then depress the button which activates the blades. You move the comb slowly over the knotted area and the blades then cut through the knot as you move it. Combing can continue until the next knot is reached.

The advertising looks impressive, and it does seem that Knot Out works well on some types of fur and knots. It is most effective on smaller knots which are not very close to the skin. A large knot that is directly against the skin, however, may not be removed by this product.

Another possible use we found, which isn’t stated in the advertising, is that of a preventive tool. Occasionally combing your pet with Knot Out may allow you to remove small knots as they form before they grow into unwieldy problems.

As of this writing, Knot Out is plagued by complaints of slow shipping and back order status. Those complaints are negatively affecting the ratings for the product by those who have not yet received it.

Similar Products

There are untold numbers of pet knot removers, with a variety of design options. The price range averages anywhere from about $10 to $25. You can find these online or at your local pet store. It may pay to shop around.

Epic Conclusion

Knot Out may not be a comprehensive solution for all pets and knots, but when it works, it works well. It could also be used as a preventative measure, to remove small knots as they form. When it arrives in stores, it will be a better value.

If you’ve used Knot Out, please give it a star rating and comment below.