Kitty Shack Review: 2-in-1 Pet Bed


Kitty Shack

Kitty Shack is a 2-in-1 tunnel bed and mat for cats. It can be zipped up into an enclosed tube bed, or unzipped into a comfy mat.

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Claims & Features

  • Zips from mat to bed in seconds
  • Traps hair
  • Available in brown or leopard
  • Self-heating thermal core keeps cats warm
  • Portable, light design
  • Machine washable
  • Can be used by small or medium dogs

Cost & Availability

Online: You can find Kitty Shack from the official website for $14.95 + $6.95 and another $4.95 for a mandatory second “free” item, bringing your total to $26.85.

In Stores: Kitty Shack is rolling out to stores in summer 2015. You may find it at stores such as PetSmart for about $20.

Kitty Shack Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of July 2015.

Kitty Shack Reviews

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Kitty Shack is an As Seen on TV pet product which features a convertible design that allows you to switch from mat to tube bed in seconds. We found it to be made of an acceptable quality, the convertible feature worked as advertised, and there was no difficulty with the zipper. Thus, in regards to the product itself, our experience showed that it worked as advertised.

If we take a look at how cats like it, however, we are entering a much more subjective realm. As any cat owner knows, felines tend to have very specific tastes which vary from pet to pet. In our small test with two cats, one ignored it and the other seemed to use it as a mat, but wouldn’t use it as a tunnel. Ironically, the pet which seemed to like it most was a small Chihuahua, which has permanently adopted it. In the end, every cat is different, and if your cat has used such products in the past, Kitty Shack may be worth trying. Although the website states that it is suitable for small to medium dogs, that may be the case as a mat, but as a tube bed it only seems appropriate for very small dogs.

As with many As Seen on TV products, when ordering Kitty Shack online there is an offer to buy one and get one for additional shipping. You’ll end up paying almost $12 in non-refundable shipping costs, without knowing if your cat will use it, and having to wait weeks to receive it. Kitty Shack is currently rolling out to stores and we suggest picking it up locally to avoid costly shipping.

Similar Products

There is certainly no shortage of cat beds and tunnels available on the market. DIY types have even found that putting a pillow in a box may be more than sufficient for some cats. While the convertible design of Kitty Shack holds some uniqueness over similar products, the individual features can be found at any pet store.

Epic Conclusion

Kitty Shack is an As Seen on TV cat bed and mat. With the mysterious tastes of individual cats, it is difficult to ascertain if any given cat will like the product. Some may like the tunnel design, others may prefer it as a mat, while still others may ignore it entirely. If your cat has enjoyed similar products, Kitty Shack may be worth a try. We suggest buying it locally to avoid shipping costs and delays.

If you’ve used Kitty Shack, please give it a star rating and comment below.