InstantFigure Underbust Body Shorts Review



InstantFigure is a line of slimming body shaping under garments for women. The Underbust Bodyshorts are currently being heavily promoted.

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Claims & Features

  • Enhances bust
  • Shapes waist
  • Eliminates love handles
  • Lessens bra bulge
  • Flattens stomach
  • Improves posture
  • Trims thighs
  • Shapes hips
  • Lifts buttocks
  • Colors: Black and nude
  • Made in the USA
  • Look up to 5 inches slimmer instantly

Cost & Availability

As of this writing, the current TV offer for the Underbust Bodyshorts is $59.95, which can be broken into three payments. There are a variety of special offers and products, so you may want to check the official website for the latest product information and pricing.

InstantFigure Commercial

The TV commercial below was posted online in February 2015.

InstantFigure Reviews

Although InstantFigure offers a variety of products, we will be focusing on the Underbust Body Shorts. This slimming body shaper by InstantFigure is a competent entry in the crowded body shapewear category. Made of a nylon/spandex material, the material is light and comfortable, yet does a fine job of compressing problem areas. The underbust design allows women to use their own bras and avoids compression in that area, which is not typically a desired effect.

Consumer reviews for InstantFigure are generally positive. A consensus of women say that it essentially works as advertised, reducing the dress size by around 1-2 sizes while wearing this garment.

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A minority of complaints suggest that the legs may roll up when worn with pants, and that the shoulder strap could be problematic, depending on the wearer’s body type.

Overall, however, InstantFigure gets overall positive marks, averaging around a 4-star rating.

Similar Products

An Amazon search of underbust body shapers yields several products which somewhat resemble that being marketed by InstantFigure. Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Romper, for example, looks quite similar with only the leg portion of the garment appearing different. Spanx is also a popular brand with similar body shapewear.

Epic Conclusion

InstantFigure offers the Underbust Body Shorts, which have been met with mostly positive, satisfied customers. A few cons should be considered, although those same issues are also potentially present in competing products.

If you’ve used InstantFigure, please give it a star rating and comment below.