Hot Fusion Brush Review: Does it Work?


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Hot Fusion Brush

Hot Fusion Brush is a frizz-free, heated hair styling brush.

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Claims & Features

  • Versatile styling options
  • Static-free control
  • Insulated handle for comfortable use
  • Two temperature settings
  • Reliable, consistent heat
  • No tangle design

Cost & Availability

You can purchase Hot Fusion Brush from the official product website with a 30 day trial for $1, then 1 payment of $29.99 + Free Shipping. You can also pay the full purchase price of for $29.99 + Free Shipping. When you pay the full amount, you’ll also receive bonus clips and a comb, along with a 4 year warranty.

The product can be found on Amazon for about $35 (more on that below).

Tristar Products, Inc.

Hot Fusion Brush is marketed by the As Seen on TV giant Tristar Products, Inc. That company has been responsible for a number of popular As Seen on TV products over the years such as Copper Chef Pan, Jack LaLanne Power Juicer, and Power Pressure Cooker XL. Tristar Products currently boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, meaning they are responsive to consumer complaints.

Hot Fusion Brush Commercial

Below is a television commercial for Hot Fusion Brush which was produced in 2014 and is still featured on the official product website.


Frizzy, flat, difficult to style. Is your hair out of control? Well not anymore. Introducing the Hot Fusion Brush, the amazing hot brush that tames the frizz, pumps up the volume, and lets you bring out the shine. If you can brush your hair, you can look just like you stepped out of the salon in just minutes.

The secret is the exclusive black tourmaline blend that heats the center of the barrel and fuses with hydrating healing frizz-fighting molecules that are released all around the nylon bristles.

Now just one brush and you can pump up the volume. Tame frizz and flyaways and light up your shine.

“The Hot Fusion Brush is fast. All I do is brush and the frizz is gone.”

This brush keeps the heat on your hair but it won’t burn your hand. It’s never too hot to handle.

“I love the Hot Fusion Brush. I just brush and I get all the volume and body I want.”

“I love that the brush won’t burn you, so it’s good for me and my daughter.”

The Hot Fusion Brush heats up to 400 degrees with hair smoothing technology and the semi-circle of nylon bristles helps avoid tangles and the brush getting stuck in your hair.

Just brush and go from frizz to fabulous, limp to lifted, lifeless to smooth and shiny. Say hello to your new everyday brush.

Hot Fusion Brush Reviews

Electric brushes are a hot (pun intended) subset of hair care products on the rise in recent months. In late 2015 and early 2016 we saw such products as Hot N Straight, 6 Second Straight, Simply Straight, and this product, Hot Fusion Brush jockeying for advertising position. Although the exact mechanisms for each brush may vary, the marketing for them tends to ring familiar across the spectrum. These heated, electric, ionic brushes are said to help avoid frizz, straighten hair, and improve volume.

With Hot Fusion Brush, you are offered two temperature settings of 350 and 400 degrees. The advertising would have you believe that achieving smooth, frizz-free hair is as easy as brushing – which not all consumers have said is the case. Depending on your hair type, using Hot Fusion Brush may be more akin to using a straightener. You may have to move the brush slowly, using the highest setting, in the same manner you would straighten your hair. How brush-like your experience is may be greatly dependent on your hair thickness and length.

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We found that in general frizz was lessened or eliminated, but this, too, seems to be greatly dependent on hair type, texture, and length. Those with thin or fine hair have generally expressed less satisfaction than those with thicker, fuller hair.

Another group that seems to be more satisfied in general are those with shorter hair. Those with longer hair seem less satisfied in general.

Ironically, we have heard complaints from some users that Hot Fusion Brush didn’t get hot enough, while others have said it burned their hair. This discrepancy can only be attributed to differences in the way the product is being used, hair type, and possibly temperature settings and hair type.

Pro Tip: Be sure to only take small portions of hair at a time in order to properly smooth out your hair.

A note about Hot Fusion Brush on Amazon

You’ll find that Hot Fusion Brush can be found on Amazon, sold by Tristar Products, Inc. As of this writing, it has a 3.6 star rating with over 325 reviews. The reviews there echo our own product research, with a rather vast array of consumer opinions that leaves no clear consensus regarding the product’s efficiency.

A number of positive Amazon reviews are from users who were given the product free or at a reduced rate in exchange for their review, a practice we feel is not in the best interest of the consumer. You will often see a disclaimer at the end of these reviews such as, “I received this at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.” Receiving a free or reduced item in exchange for a review can easily skew the reviewer’s opinion because they may feel obligated to be nice to those who supplied the item. The reviewer may also not feel the financial sacrifice if a product didn’t live up to expectations. Those who paid full price are more critical if the product doesn’t work as expected, and these are the opinions consumers would rather see.

Similar Products

As noted above, there are a number of hot brushes which make the same or similar claims to Hot Fusion Brush. A search for ionic heated hair brushes yields a number of alternatives which function generally the same as Hot Fusion Brush. The price of Hot Fusion Brush tends to be on par with the competition, which normally runs about $20-$40. You will find that the pros and cons associated with Hot Fusion Brush are often echoed by its competitors, meaning there aren’t inherent design flaws, but that the nature of a heated brush favors certain hair types over others.

Epic Conclusion

Hot Fusion Brush attempts to combine elements of a brush and flat iron, with only moderate results. It may be good to reduce frizz in a pinch, but in most cases it won’t beat a flat iron in its ability to straighten hair. Those with thicker or shorter hair may find that it to be more effective than those with thinner or longer hair. Results vary wildly.

If you’ve used Hot Fusion Brush, please give it a star rating and comment below.