H2O Go Water Slide Reviews


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H2O Go Slides

H2O Go! is a brand of water slides by Bestway that include a speed ramp and landing pad lagoon, providing an updated experience to the classic at-home water slide.

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Claims & Features

  • 18 feet long
  • Speed ramp provides soft landing as you enter slide
  • Slide ends in a pool of water
  • Fountain effect
  • Comes in single, double, and triple models
  • By Bestway

Cost & Availability

There are three models of H2O Go slides: single, double, and triple. The retail prices are about $15, $26, and $40 respectively. We found them on Amazon for less, so you may want to shop around.

H2O Go Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.

H2O Go Slide Reviews

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H2O Go slides appear to be an updated version of the classic Slip and Slide. While the original Slip and Slide was a glorified piece of wet plastic, H2O Go addresses some of the problems with that original product. The original had two problems areas: starting and ending. In the 1980’s, America’s Funniest Home Videos seemed to have a home movie of someone sliding way off of one of these seemingly every week. And, while later models addressed the end of the slide, H2O Go now addresses the beginning of the slide with a “speed ramp.” This angled air-filled air wedge provides a soft landing as kids enter the sliding position. There are also dozens of small openings in which water squirts out, creating a fountain effect.

Setting up the slide requires blowing up both ends, laying out the slide, attaching a hose to the launch end, and enjoying the fun. There have been some complaints about the hose connection, which prompted the product’s Facebook page to post a video in hopes of addressing the problem. Several readers have also expressed frustration with the skimpy instructions if they encountered any problems assembling the product. As with any slide such as this, you’ll want to set it up on a soft grassy area, or it will not be a comfortable ride.

Our product researchers find that H2O Go slides are an excellent entrant in this field of toys and the price is set competitively.

Similar Products

Wham-O offers their own updated version of the classic Slip and Slide with the Triple Racer, which addresses the “hard ground” problem by including boogie boards on which to slide. That product also has a fountain effect and pooled landing zone. The only thing it doesn’t have that H2O Go slides has is the speed ramp which begins the slide. It is also 2 feet shorter at 16 feet long.

Epic Conclusion

H2O Go water slides provide an updated experience to the classic water slide. Its speed ramp and longer design are a welcomed inclusions, and the multiple size and price options are also a plus.

If you’ve used an H2O Go Slide, please give it a star rating and comment below.