Gooey Louie Review: “Gross” Game for Kids


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Gooey Louie is a fun and somewhat gross game by Goliath in which children “pick” a winner from the nose of a plastic head.

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Gooey Louie

This “gross” game for kids has been around for a few years, although marketing for it surged in November 2013. In November 2014 and November 2015 saw additional marketing pushes as the holidays arrived.

gooey louie

The object of the game is to pull “gooeys” (aka “snot”) out of Louie’s nose until his “brains blow out.” The product tag line is “Pick a winner.” Kids roll the die to see how many “gooeys” they pull out of Louie’s nose. Possible turns are to pick 1 gooey, 2 gooeys, skip a turn, or reverse direction. Play continues until Louie’s brain explodes.

While the object of the game sounds gross and someone mindless, there is a certain appeal of both of these characteristics to a kid. And the increasing tension with the removal of each “gooey” is akin to a game such a Jenga, in which every turn in increasingly exciting.

Additional Info

    • For 2 or more players
    • No batteries required
    • Ages 4 and up
    • By Goliath
    • Product website is at
    • Product weight: 2 pounds

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Price and Availability

Gooey Louie is available in stores. We spotted it at a non-sale price at a local Toys R Us. As of this writing, it is also available on Amazon for about $17. Prices will vary, and you may want to keep your eye out for a sale, as some vendors have been seen selling it for over $30. It appears to average about $15-$18 at most retailers.

What’s in the box

Gooey Louie, Base, 12 “Gooeys,” Rubber band, jumping brain, 1 die, instructions

Promotional Video

The video below was posted to Goliath’s YouTube page back in June 2013. It is still featured on the official Gooey Louie website.

Gooey Louie Reviews

Because the product has been around for several years, online reviews are readily available. The numbers below are based on November 2014 data:

On Amazon, the product has 4.1 stars. Most other websites have little or no reviews of the product, but it appears to be generally favored by adults to purchase it and play the game with their children.

The few complaints that exist are regarding the construction, and that the head may not always stay in place.

Epic Conclusion

Gooey Louie is a fun and simple game that appeals to the gross factor in kids of all ages. It may not be of the highest quality construction, but a consensus of online reviews place this at about a 4 star product. Shop around and don’t pay more than $20 for it.

This review has been updated since its original publication in November 2014.