MeUndies Reviews



MeUndies is a website which sells underwear, socks, tops, and casual bottoms. A monthly subscription service is also available.

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Claims and Features

  • Under garments for men and women
  • Design of the Month
  • Monthly subscription plan available
  • Fabric is moisture wicking, anti-microbial, and colors are non-fading
  • Men sizes from XS to 3XL
  • Women sizes from XS to 2XL


There is a wide variety of products and costs. A standard pair of underwear costs about $16-$20 when purchased individually. There are also 10-packs available for $160.

In addition to simply purchasing a single pair, you can take advantage of the subscription plan, which will send you their Design of the Month every month for a reduced rate. You can skip any month and cancel at any time.

MeUndies Commercial

The television commercial below has been airing in mid-2015.

MeUndies Reviews

MeUndies is hip line of underwear (and other under garments) marketed as high quality, and as a solution for “the truly lazy” by offering a monthly auto-ship subscription.

Opinions on MeUndies is almost universal when it comes to softness and comfort out of the box. We love the idea of a Design of the Month to continually change things up, although some of the wild designs may not be for everyone. Perhaps the most significant “con” is the lack of a fly, or front flap, which some men find to be a necessity. Some readers have suggested that MeUndies suffers from long-term durability issues, but that is highly subjective and affected by the use of the individual user. We found the durability to be of acceptable quality.

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For those who don’t like to indulge in expensive underwear, MeUndies (or any other high end brand) may not be a good fit. While there are more expensive brands out there, MeUndies may still be seen as costly in the eyes of some consumers. Overall, we found MeUndies to provide a solid product backed by top-notch customer service.

Similar Services

Subscription services are a trend in 2015. With everything such as razors (Dollar Shave Club) to meals (Hello Fresh), it stands to reason that a subscription for premium underwear would be available. And, perhaps surprisingly, MeUndies is not the only game in town. also offers subscriptions to men-related items such as razors and underwear, while offers an underwear subscription for women.

There are, of course, many high-end brands of underwear available such as ExOfficio, Calvin Klein, and Hugo Boss.

Epic Conclusion

MeUndies deserves consideration if you are looking for soft and comfortable underwear. You might want to try a single pair for a month or two before committing to their monthly auto-ship program, but we found the experience to live up to the marketing hype.