Flexi-Frisbee Review: Soft and Flexible Flying Disc


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Flexi-Frisbee is a soft flying disc which can fly over 200 feet and fold into a small size.

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Claims & Features

  • Can fly over 200 feet
  • Created from parachute material and aerodynamic rim
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Good for travel
  • By Wham-o
  • Online “Flexi-Fun Guide”

Cost & Availability

Flexi-Frisbee is sold in sets of three for $10, plus $3.99 shipping.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee, minus shipping fees.

Flexi-Frisbee Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.


“Wow! They fly! Look at ’em go! So much fun to catch and throw! Flexi Frisbee!”

That’s right! They’re Flexi Frisbees by Wham-O. The soft and flexible, crazy catchable flying disc that has everyone playing indoors and out.

Look! They bend in any direction and snap right back into shape. It’s easy! Just a flick of your wrist and they glide through the air like magic. You can even toss three at a time!

And these fun, flying saucers fly over two-hundred feet. Flexi Frisbees are soft and made of parachute material, so they catch the air and float through it like magic! They even bounce off walls and furniture without scratching.

Go ahead! Create your own target range and see who scores the highest points. Try to knock down a stack of cups with just one toss. Or pick your team for a game of Frisbee football!

“Whoa! That thing really flies!”

“Wow! These are awesome!”

“Flexi Frisbee!”

The secret to Flexi Frisbee is the air-light parachute material surrounded by an aerodynamic flight rim that helps keep it flying, flying, flying!

Flexi Frisbees fold up smaller than a marshmallow, and travel anywhere with ease. So why play with a hard disc that can hurt when you can toss the soft and flexible, crazy catchable Flexi Frisbees? Both indoors and out!

When you order, we’ll send you not one but three Flexi Frisbees for ten dollars, plus $4.95 processing and handling. But catch this deal! We’ll include access to our Flexi-Fun guide, packed with games, targets, and challenges for the whole family – yours free with your paid order. You can call or log on at flexifrisbee.com

Flexi-Frisbee Reviews

Flexi-Frisbee is a toy by Wham-O which takes the basic premise of a classic Frisbee and integrates it into a soft-material design. Unlike a regular Frisbee, which is typically made of a hard plastic, Flex-Frisbee sports a parachute material around a bendable rim.

The design is somewhat similar to that of Hyper Disc, which uses a foil material over a flexible rim. Flexi-Frisbee, however, is smaller and more compact which lends itself to easier portability. It can be used indoors without damaging walls or other items, although it could still knock over items such as a vase or lamp.

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Flexi-Frisbee can be thrown for long distances, thanks to its lightweight material combined with a sturdy rim. We found that in some cases it tended to fly “sideways” although this could be more of a matter of throwing technique. The soft edge of the toy is a feature that cannot be understated, especially with younger children. Anyone who has been smacked in the face by a hard Frisbee will appreciate the delicate material used in this product.

The softness, however, could be a double-edged sword. While a hard plastic Frisbee is durable enough to last years, Flexi-Frisbee will require more delicate handling in order to last. It probably isn’t suited for pets, nor would it be advisable to use in a harsh terrain where the material could be degraded.

Because of its soft design, younger kids can throw Flexi Frisbee more adeptly than that of a regular hard Frisbee.

At a price of $10 for three, Flexi-Frisbee is competitively priced.  We have yet to see it in stores, although this seems to be a certainty based on the Wham-O name attached to it. If you’ve seen it in stores, drop us a comment below.

Similar Products

Despite the iconic Frisbee name, Flexi-Frisbee is not the only game in town. On Amazon, you can find a number of flexible flying discs, such as the Aerobie Superdisc.

Epic Conclusion

Flexi-Frisbee is a soft flying disc for kids which can be used indoors, provided that lamps or vases are kept out of the play area. While they may not sport the durability of their hard plastic cousins, these discs have enough to offer to make them worth checking out. The lightweight design allows for easier throwing by younger kids, while the soft edges keep kids’ hands and faces safe.

Have you tried Flexi-Frisbee ? Please give it a star rating and comment below.