PedEgg Power Review: As Seen on TV Callus Remover


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PedEgg Power

PedEgg Power is a callus remover which promises to relieve dry cracked feet while helping to achieve smooth skin.

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Claims & Features

  • Pain-free foot care
  • Buffs out dry skin
  • Leaves skin smooth
  • Regular and Deluxe models
  • Spins up to 2000x per minute

Cost & Availability

PedEgg Power can be purchased from the official website for $19.99 with free shipping. This includes a smoothing attachment and a lifetime of replacement rollers.

You can also get a Deluxe PedEgg Power with 6 attachments and upgraded grip. That product costs $29.99 with free shipping.

You can also find this product in some stores, typically in the As Seen on TV section.

PedEgg Power Reviews

Perhaps surprisingly, callus removers have become a highly-competitive As Seen on TV industry, with several products in this category hitting the airwaves in 2015. PedEgg Power is the follow-up model for the well-known PedEgg callus remover which has been around for several years.

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Boasting a 3.5-star rating on Amazon, PedEgg Power seems to attract glowing praise or harsh criticism, with few opinions in between.

A common complaint with this product – and others of a similar design – is that of the motor slowing or stopping when applied to the foot. In many cases this can be alleviated by simply reducing the pressure. While first instinct may dictate that applying the product with significant pressure would be the optimal way to quickly reduce callused skin, it actually works best with light pressure. The downside to this is that it takes a long time to achieve results. Our researchers note that you may want to put a towel down, or use it in the bathtub, as small particles of skin will fall to the floor.

We find that PedEgg power generally delivers on its promises, although the time investment may be undesirable to some consumers.

Similar Products

PedEgg Power can’t escape comparisons with its earlier model, the Ped Egg Original, which is a manual egg-shaped callus remover. There are also a couple of other similar products which have been advertised on television in recent months, such as the Amope Pedi Perfect and Perfect Pedi.

Epic Conclusion

PedEgg generally works as advertised, and is a safe and easy to use product to help with callus removal or reduction. Because it takes long sessions to achieve results, it has mixed reviews.

If you’ve used PedEgg Power, please give it a star rating and comment below.