Dap XHose Pro Extreme Review


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Dap XHose Pro Extreme

Dap XHose Pro Extreme is the latest in a line of continually-improving hoses by inventor Michael Berardi. The new version is advertised as having several enhancements over previous models.

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Claims & Features

  • Expandable hose design
  • Improved design over XHose Pro
  • Thicker exterior webbing
  • Stabilizer collar
  • Pressure tested up to 350 psi
  • Crush resistant brass fittings
  • Kink-free

Cost & Availability

Currently you can find XHose Pro Extreme on the official product website, or at the vendor’s Amazon product page. The cost breaks down as follows:

  • 25-foot hose: $29.95 + $8.95 shipping for a total of $38.90.
  • 50-foot hose: $49.95 + $9.95 shipping for a total of $59.90.
  • 75-foot hose: $69.95 + $10.95 shipping for a total of $80.90.

You can also add a second hose of the same length to your order for additional shipping costs.

Dap XHose Pro Extreme Reviews

Expandable hoses have been a staple of As Seen on TV advertising for the past few years, particularly in the Spring and Summer months. Unfortunately, most of these hoses have not lived up to the hype, and have garnered rather negative reviews. When the XHose Pro was first released, it was supposed to be an answer to some of those initial complaints about leaking or bursting expandable hoses. Surprisingly, that product, too, suffered from many of the problems of its predecessors. Now inventor Michael Berardi is back for his third XHose with the XHose Pro Extreme. After about a month off of the airwaves, the Xhose is back in advertisements for this new “Extreme” version, and much of the advertising is spent discussing improvements over older models and expandable hoses in general.

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It does appear that Berardi is genuine in his attempts to deliver a hose which lives up to the hype of the advertising. This new “Extreme” model has been in the works since at least late 2014, when the product domain was registered. It also seems that the Xhose Pro Extreme is meant to replace the Xhose Pro, rather than simply being a new model in the line, as the Xhose Pro website now only advertises the new Extreme model.

Dap Xhose Pro Extreme is so new that little has been written about the product. The Amazon page states that it will not be in stock until July 7, 2015 (although, curiously, there is one reviewer already listed as a “verified purchase” of the product). Our product researchers have compiled information based on initial tests and have found that it does seem to be an improvement over older models, which in some cases only lasted a few uses. We’ll continue to test the product and update this page with additional information, but so far we are cautiously optimistic that the third time may be a charm and that the Extreme model may finally be a positively-rated expandable hose.

Similar Products

There have been a surprising number of expandable hoses advertised on television in recent years, although most of those are not worthy of recommendation. There are, however, several expandable hoses which haven’t advertised which have amassed mostly positive consumer reviews. You may want to peruse the expandable hoses on Amazon and look at some of the offerings there, particularly models by Uhuhu and Gorilla.

Epic Conclusion

Dap Xhose Pro Extreme is the third installment of this line of expandable hoses. It appears to be a replacement for the Xhose Pro, and seems to finally successfully address some of the problems which have plagued virtually every As Seen on TV expandable hose.

If you’ve used Dap XHose Pro Extreme, please give it a star rating and comment below.