BeActive Brace Review: Can a Knee Brace Relieve Back Pain?


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BeActive Brace is a product which is strapped below a person’s knee and is said to cause immediate relief to back pain.

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BeActive Brace

The idea behind BeActive Brace is that it can be donned on one leg, just below the knee, and provides immediate relief to a variety of back ailments. It provides targeted pressure to the sciatic nerve which runs along the leg and back. This pressure is said to cause immediate relief of back pain.

Cost and Availability

The advertised cost of BeActive is $19.99 plus $7.95 shipping. It is only sold online in sets, so you are required to pay shipping for a second free brace for an additional $7.95 shipping. This amounts to a minimum order total of $35.89.

Although there is a money-back guarantee, the guarantee does not include shipping, which means you would not receive back the $15.90 in shipping costs should you decide to return it.

By late Summer 2014, BeActive could be found available in stores, typically in the As Seen on TV section, for around $15.


  • Pressure pad applies targeted pressure to relieve back pain
  • Can be used for right or left leg
  • Can be worn under clothing
  • Stays in place for exercise and daily movement
  • A “Premium” Brace can be purchased for an additional $10
  • Over 4 million sold (as of 12/2015)


This heavily-advertised product has blanketed the airwaves since mid-2014. As of December 2015, the television commercial (below) for BeActive is still running on occasion.

BeActive Reviews

It is a bold statement for an As Seen on TV product which was not developed by a doctor to claim that a knee brace can reduce or eliminate back pain, one of the most chronic conditions affecting people everywhere. That is, however, exactly what the BeActive brace is claimed to do. Despite the fact that there are no studies posted which bolster the product’s claims, the advertising does make the suggestion that back pain can be eliminated by strapping on this brace.

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This is one of those products which seems to have a legion of fans and a legion of detractors, with very few opinions in the middle. Consumers tend to rave about it, or state that it did nothing at all. This divide among reviewers is of little help to the consumer contemplating a purchase of BeActive. Fortunately, it has been available in stores since about September 2014, which means you do not have to risk non-refundable shipping in order to try it out. We suggest buying it at a local retailer, which will give you a chance to try it truly risk-free. Customers of Bed Bath and Beyond may want to whip out their 20% coupon to make it an even better deal.

The advertising is reminiscent of Head On (“Apply directly to the forehead”), a product which made the stark claim that you could apply it to your forehead to eliminate headaches. Despite being panned by the medical community and called a “major medial swindle” by skeptic James Randi, it, too, had its share of supporters.

Also keep in mind that the fine print on the BeActive website claims that it is “not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Individual results may vary. Not a medical device.”

Because there is no single source for all types of back pain, it would appear that BeActive would only be effective in some cases. The video below gives a quick overview of the product.

Epic Conclusion

BeActive has mixed reviews, and there does not appear to be any published studies to prove that it even works. There are, however, those who feel the product works as claimed. If you want to try it out, we suggest purchasing it at a local retailer.

This review has been updated since its original publication in January 2015.