Amope Pedi Perfect Reviews: Does it Work?


Review of the Amopi Pedi Perfect, a battery-powered callus remover for the feet. It features an ergonomic handle, a Microlumina roller, and a safety stop.

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Amope Pedi Perfect

The Amope Pedi Perfect is a handheld electronic device which claims to quickly remove dry hardened skin and calluses. It is powered by four AA batteries and features a rotating roller head which is covered in micro-granulates (“diamond crystals”) that buff away hard skin in minutes. There is also a convenient safety stop which turns off power to the roller when too much pressure is applied. An extra roller is included with purchase of Pedi Perfect. Additional rollers can be purchased in sets of two for around $15.

In late 2015, rollers with diamond crystals were introduced.

The official product website is featured at

Cost and Availability

Amope Pedi Perfect can be purchased online at, or can be found in the foot-care section of stores such as CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart for about $32-$38.

Purchasing locally may be a wise decision as customers can avoid delivery delays and any added shipping charges. This will also facilitate the return process, if necessary.

The addition of rollers with diamond crystals does not appear to have changed the price.

Claims and Features

  • Electric foot filer for callus removal
  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Removes hardened skin in minutes
  • “Soft, beautiful feet in an instant”
  • Features a safety stop which shuts down the device when too much pressure is applied
  • New rollers include diamond crystals

Amope Pedi Perfect TV Commercial

The commercial below is the newest spot for Pedi Pefect, running as of this writing (January 2016).

Transcript of the commercial above:

More than 3 million people already know the feeling of feet so silky smooth that you can’t help but touch them. Discover the latest innovation in the Amope foot care line, the new Amope Pedi Perfect. With diamond crystals and extra coarse roller, it softens even heavy calluses effortlessly and efficiently.

For beautiful soft feet, in an instant, feel it yourself with the Amope Pedi Perfect with diamond crystals. Save now at

Amope Pedi Perfect Reviews

The Amope Pedi Perfect is well-rated across numerous websites. In fact, it seems to be one of the more highly rated electronic callus removers. For example, there are over 200 user reviews on Amazon with a collective rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. 77% of these reviewers give the product 5 stars while only 4% rated it at 1 star.

Hundreds of our readers here at Epic Reviews have given the product a 3.4-star rating.

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By far, the most common complaint among those unfavorable reviews is that the Pedi Perfect motor lacks sufficient power for the price. Many of these unsatisfied customers expressed frustration that the safety stop kicked in when pressure was applied. It seems there is a certain amount of finesse and patience required to operate the unit effectively, and good results may be time consuming with repeated usage being necessary.

We found Pedi Perfect to work as expected, removing dead skin and smoothing the area with satisfactory results. Pressing too hard may make the roller stop spinning, especially if the batteries are not at full strength. With a fresh set of batteries, Pedi Perfect met our expectations.

A Fox News affiliate featured the Amope Pedi Perfect in a “Deal or Dud” segment with the tester describing it as a “deal”.

Pro tip: You may want to use the product over a towel, as dead skin flakes will accumulate below your work area.

Diamond Crystals?

Newer advertisements, which began running in December 2015, highlight the product’s “Roller head with diamond crystals” although this seems absent from earlier advertisements and the original packaging, as shown below.

pedi perfect

Packaging showing Pedi Perfect with and without diamond crystals

In addition to the packaging shown above, which shows Pedi Perfect with and without diamond crystals, both versions can still be found on Amazon. The Amope website does not distinguish between the two, although it does refer to the roller as “The new, unique roller heads with diamond crystals…” Thus, it would appear that Amope has upgraded its roller head and is merely replacing the original version with this one, without referring to them as different products.

This could make reviews someone convoluted, as comments will include reaction from consumers who have used both roller types.


There are many possible alternatives to the Amope Pedi Perfect.

For those who prefer manual callus removal, an exfoliating pumice stone or foot file can be purchased for several dollars. Other potential manual options include the egg-shaped Ped Egg and a callus removal cream called Callus Clear.

Other electronic options include the Ped Egg Power, the Laurant Personal Pedi, and/or the seemingly well-rated Emjoi Micro-Pedi.

Epic Conclusion

The handheld Amope Pedi Perfect offers consumers an electronic pedicure in the comfort of their own home. It seems to be highly rated with a majority of reviewers awarding it 4 to 5 stars on many websites. Some reviewers who rated the Pedi Perfect unfavorably felt that the motorized roller was lacking in power.  There are many possible alternative for at-home callus removal which include other electronic filers as well as very reasonably priced manual options such as a pumice stone or foot file.

In late 2015, a new roller head with diamond crystals appeared to replace the original roller. Because it was not re-branded, reviews for both models will be lumped together. Be sure to know which version you are getting, as the new model is updated over the original.

This review has been updated since its original publication in February 2015