Ab Slim Flex Review: Does it Work?


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Ab Slim Flex

Ab Slim Flex is an exercise machine which focuses on working abdominal muscles.

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Claims & Features

  • Easy, fast, and effective
  • Double the intensity of a regular exercise routine
  • Works your abdomen muscles
  • Easiest way to lose belly weight
  • Duo-flex technology
  • Supports your spine to prevent injury

Cost & Availability

Website (tvventas.com) $169.99 – can opt out of additional items. You can also find it on Amazon for about the same price.

There is a 30-day return policy, although shipping is non-refundable.

Ab Slim Flex Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.

Ab Slim Flex Reviews

Ab Slim Flex is a machine which allows you to exercise your abs in a targeted workout. The unit features an arched back, seat, handles, and resistance bands. It features “Duo-Flex” technology, which means resistance is generated in both up and down motions. There is back and neck support to help prevent undue stress in that region while you work your abs.

In addition to working your abs, the addition of handles allows you to engage in exercises which also work your obliques, a feature most ab machines do not offer. This product has primarily advertised on Spanish-language television, and the website is also in Spanish.

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The product itself appears to be well-made and provides a nice targeted workout to the abdominal region. Unlike crunches in which you use gravity to fall backward, and abs to raise yourself back up, you must use your abs while descending due to the arched back which is connected to three resistance bands. Thus, you are pushing the unit down as you descend, then using your abs to raise yourself when ascending.

Keep in mind that while abs can be targeted, weight loss cannot. Thus, the only way to see those rippling abs is to lose fat until they show through.

The multi-directional resistance is the product’s biggest selling point, and it does allow for a comprehensive abdominal workout, which can be achieved in less time due to the constant resistance in both directions.

Similar Products

There is no shortage of ab training devices on the market. The Ab Roller has been around in various incarnations since the 1990’s, while the Ab Rocket also sports a similar design.

Epic Conclusion

Aside from the fact that Ab Slix Flex is more expensive than some of its competitors, it does seem to work generally as advertised. The addition of handles to improve oblique movements is a plus, as is the back and neck support. Overall a solid piece of equipment that would be a nice addition to a home gym.

If you’ve used Ab Slim Flex, please give it a star rating and comment below.