Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel Review


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Review of the Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel, after a two-day stay in May 2015.

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Marriott Burbank

I spent two days at this Marriott in May 2015. The hotel is situated across from the Bob Hope Airport and a small set of dining locations on North Hollywood Way. There are two hotel towers and a convention center. You can find two pools and a hot tub, along with a fitness center, restaurant, bar, and gift shop. The official website is

marriott burbank

I stayed in a 2 double room on the top (9th) floor facing North Hollywood Way. When I was researching this hotel, rates for this room varied from about $135 to $199 per night.


I found the staff to be welcoming, friendly, and attentive. I had no problems with anyone, and most employees smiled and greeted me as I passed them.


The standard 2 double-bed room felt like standard hotel fare, but did not feel cramped, and provided most of the features one would expect. A sitting chair, desk, flat screen TV, and AV station were all included, as were book lights over each bed. The thermostat was responsive and appeared to keep the room to the desired temperature.

I was disappointed by the lack of a mini-fridge, which would have been nice to keep a few drinks I brought with me cold.

Marriott Burbank 2 double room Marriott Burbank 2 double room


You can valet for $26 a day or park in the nearby parking lot for $21 a day. I opted for the parking lot. You are given a key card, which resembles a room key, that you can swipe to enter and exit the parking lot.


There are two pools. One is in between the two Marriott towers, while the other was descirbed as a “hidden pool” which is also where you’ll find the hot tub. To access that pool, you’ll need to go up to any guest floor (floors 2 through 9) and walk to the end of the hallway and take a service elevator to the first floor. It seemed kind of unusual that access required such steps.

Marriott Burbank Pool

Entrance to the “hidden” pool.

Marriott Burbank Pool

This is the “hidden” pool.

Marriott Burbank Pool

This is the “regular” pool, sans hot tub.


The bathroom was nothing above average, but I found it to be clean and well-stocked. As noted earlier, I didn’t feel that the shower warmed up as much as I would have liked. The hotel provides shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and bar soap.

marriott burbank bathroom

Have you stayed at the Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel? Give it a star rating above and leave a comment below.

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