Vantelin Supports Reviews: Do They Work?


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Vantelin Supports are advertised as products which provide the same benefits as athletic tape and compression wear, in the form of a single sleeve.

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Vantelin Supports

Vantelin Supports are compression sleeves which are said to contain athletic tape sewn into the product. Although this product only appeared in the U.S. market in late 2014, it has apparently been available in Japan for some time.

The product’s official website is, which was registered in September 2014. The domain has also been used in advertising. That domain was registered in October 2014.

vantelin website

This is, as seen in December 2014.

vantelin knee brace website

This is, snapped in December 2014.

While the website has a more professional design and easier navigation, the more crude-looking has been used in recent advertising.

The Vantelin Supports website claims that the product is superior to taping, but “without the hassle.”

While therapeutic taping theory requires experience, patience and trial and error to apply correctly, Vantelin Supports provide the appropriate amount of resistance in a convenient form in one easy motion.

Inspired by the Taping Theory, Vantelin Supports will effectively sustain the movement of joints and muscles by providing the appropriate compression. This also allows tendons and muscles to work in a more cohesive way.

Cost and Availability

The website offers the knee, ankle, elbow, and wrist braces for $19.99 each, plus $5.95 shipping. A back support brace is also available for $39.99.

It should be noted that Vantelin braces in Japanese packaging can be found readily on Amazon for as low as $11.

Claims and Features

  • Japan’s #1 Support Brand
  • Athletic tape technology sewn into a brace
  • Lightweight, breathable
  • Allows a full range of motion
  • Can be worn under clothes
  • Moisture wicking material
  • Available products include: knee brace, ankle support, elbow, and back support.
  • Knee brace comes in white, yellow, blue, green pink, navy, and black.
  • Made of nylon and polyurethane

Vantelin Commercial

Vantelin Reviews

Vantelin appears to be a combination of two hot athletic products: Kinesio tape, and compression wear. Kinesio tape is most commonly seen as brightly colored strips which many athletes wear to allegedly reduce inflammation, relax and support muscles, and enhance performance. Compression wear is marketed with similar claims, such as improved circulation and support. Tommie Copper is an example of a popular compression wear brand.

Although the true benefits of both kinesio tape and compression wear are still hotly debated, Vantelin has incorporated both technologies into a single product which could be well-received by fans of these products.

The supports are comfortable, stylish, and offer a free range of motion while continuing to support the target area. What advantage, if any, this product provides over alternatives is not apparent. The primary complaint we have heard about some of the Vantelin supports is that of not staying in place.

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Finding consistent information on Vantelin products is somewhat difficult. The official Facebook and Twitter pages that linked on the product website offer little information about the product, and seem to re-post primarily sports-related links. The Twitter page bio reads, “Japan’s # 1 brace- combines compression wear & revolutionary Tape-in Technology to help relieve knee, back & joint pain & get you back in the game.”

Reviews are difficult to find, and those that do exist run the gamut. You can find glowing 5-star reviews which state it is an “Excellent product” along with blistering 1-star reviews calling it “useless.”

There are a small number of reviews for the Japanese version on Amazon. Some have noted that the brace is comfortable, while others have said it does not compress as much as they would have liked, and eventually slides down the leg throughout the day.

Epic Conclusion

Vantelin supports are popular in Japan, but have only achieved limited success marketing to consumers in the United States. Finding consistent information on the product is difficult. Ultimately, if you believe athletic tape and/or compression wear works, then you will probably find some benefit to Vantelin sleeves.

Keep in mind that Japanese-packaged Vantelin supports can be found on Amazon, sometimes for a lower cost than purchasing the U.S. branded versions.

If you’ve tried Vantelin supports, please give us your review below.

This review has been updated since its original publication in December 2014.