MyPurMist Review: Does it Work?


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Reviews of MyPurMist, or “My Pure Mist,” a handheld inhaler which dispenses a warm and soothing vapor mist to the upper and lower respiratory tracts.

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MyPurMist is a handheld steam inhaler which delivers a fine warm mist (droplets are said to be less than 5 microns) into the upper and lower respiratory tracts in order to ease dryness or congestion. This steam is not created through the use of boiling water, but through capillary force vaporizer (CFV) technology that utilizes pressure along with ceramic heating elements. The unit is powered by an AC power source.

Attached to the end of the MyPurMist unit is a replaceable latex-free inhaler mask, like that used by a standard nebulizer. The inhaler is placed over the face and steam vapor is released into the mask at the press of a button. Temperature of the mist can be controlled to some degree with four different temperature settings (ranging from 105-115 degrees). An internal computer heats the mist to the desired temperature.

MyPurMist holds about an ounce of water at a time (which supposedly lasts for 25 minutes), and a red light indicates when the water is depleted. It is recommended that only demineralized or distilled water be used in the unit, and this water should not contain added electrolytes or minerals.

Although the website does recommend that MyPurMist be cleaned before long-term storage, it contains an internal fan which turns on for 10 minutes after usage. This internal fan constitutes a built-in drying system which keeps the unit clean. MyPurMist also features an automatic shut-off that turns the device off after 10 minutes of not being used.

A basic MyPurMist kit comes with the unit, an adult-sized inhaler mask, a storage bag, and a 9.5 oz bottle of MyPurFill (their brand of demineralized water).

MyPurMist is not made by the same company that makes Purwater, a mistake some might make due to the name. Purwater is made by a company called Kaz while MyPurMist is made by Vapore, LLC.

The MyPurMist commercial cites the product website as, yet this site is not loading at the time of this writing. However, their official website,, seems to be working right now.


MyPurMist can be ordered from or purchased in stores such as Target, Walgreens, or Bath Bed and Beyond.

The cost of ordering a basic MyPurMist unit from the product website is $149.95 with free shipping and handling (S&H). Prices in stores seem to be comparable.

Purchase of MyPurMist comes with a one year warranty that covers manufacturer defects.

When ordering MyPurMist from the website or by phone, the product comes with a 60-day guarantee. This guarantee provides a full refund (including shipping and return shipping) to the customer between the first 30-60 day period of usage. After 60 days, the guarantee is void. Before 30 days, costumers can receive a refund (minus S&H), but must pay for return shipping. According to, any accessories that are opened can not be returned/refunded.

Claims and Features

  • Uses steam as a natural decongestant (no medications)
  • Quickly relieves dryness, sinus congestion, and respiratory allergy/cold symptoms
  • Safe to use (mist is germ free)
  • Easy to use

MyPurMist Commercial

Below is a MyPurMist commercial that is currently airing:


Currently, there are over 700 reviews of MyPurMist on Amazon, and 59% of these reviewers gave the product 5 stars (overall rating is 4.0 stars). The majority of these positive MyPurMist reviews claim that it worked as advertised. The biggest complaint among favorable reviews is that the unit isn’t as portable as desired because it is only powered by an AC adapter on a cord that is several feet long.

About a quarter of the Amazon reviews are 1 to 3 star reviews. A sizable portion of these negative reviewers claimed that their MyPurMist units stopped functioning after several weeks or months of regular operation. While many of these reviewers expressed the fact that they enjoyed MyPurMist when it worked correctly, they also expressed dissatisfaction in the high price, especially after the unit had malfunctioned.

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One concern about MyPurMist is that someone who has asthma might want to consult their doctor before buying something like this. There seems to be subtle marketing toward those who have asthma, but MyPurMist might not be a good replacement for a traditional nebulizer. Putting more fluid (even if it is in mist/steam form) into the respiratory tracks could be harmful for someone who suffers from asthma.

Similar Products

With a $150 price tag, MyPurMist may not offer enough benefits as a choice over similar competing products. Compare the features and price, for example, to the Vicks Steam Inhaler, which runs under $30 and also holds a rather positive rating among online reviewers.

Epic Conclusion

MyPurMist is a handheld steam vaporizer that allegedly eases minor respiratory problems related to dryness or congestion. The majority of user reviews for MyPurMist are positive, stating that the product works as advertised. Although in the minority, there are also negative reviews. By far, the most common negative complaint was that the unit had broken down in the first few weeks or months of usage. Given the higher price tag of MyPurMist, potential buyers may want to consider the quality of the product before buying, and evaluate similar products which are a fraction of the price.

This review has been updated since its original publication in December 2014.