WubbleX Anti-Gravity Ball Review


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WubbleX is advertised as an “anti-gravity” Wubble ball for indoor use.

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Claims & Features

  • Floats, spins, and flies
  • Part bubble, part ball
  • Includes helium can
  • Can be deflated
  • Soft, strong, lightweight
  • Indoor use only

Cost & Availability

You can purchase a WubbleX from the official website for $19.99 plus $8.99 shipping for a total cost of $28.98. This includes the ball and 2 cans of helium.

You can find WubbleX in stores for about $8. A helium can is also sold in stores for about $8.

WubbleX Commercial

The Television commercial below was posted in July 2015.

WubbleX Reviews

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When the original Wubble Bubble Ball first hit the market, I spent what seemed like an inordinate amount of time testing out that product. First I purchased one and tried it with two teenagers, who popped it minutes after we began. After speaking to a company rep, I tried several more, with mixed results. A “Tiny Wubble” appeared on store shelves later, which I tried but never formally reviewed. A Glow-in-the-Dark version has also since appeared.

Now we have WubbleX, which is a small indoor Wubble ball that can be filled by an included can of helium. At first glance, it doesn’t seem much different than the Tiny Wubble, which was widely available in stores in recent months (although Tiny Wubble no longer appears on the websites of popular retailers).

To use, you apply a small amount of supplied petroleum jelly to the fill tube, pinch the ball until you feel the valve, and insert the tube 1 inch into it. You then fill the ball until the canister of helium is empty, or until the ball starts to float, whichever occurs first. You then remove the filling tube and cap off the opening with a sealing tab.

As with other Wubble balls, the consumer must take care not to bring it into contact with sharp objects in order to maximize its life. That includes such things as sharp fingernails, as I found in my first Wubble test. This may be a requirement beyond the ability of kids who are excited to be playing with a floating ball.

Time will tell if the powers behind the Wubble franchise have finally overcome some of the durability issues which have plagued previous incarnations.

The Wubble ball products have always provided a huge amount of fun, in what is usually an unfortunately short product life. If WubbleX can last a bit longer than its predecessors, the addition of the helium could make this a hit.

The helium cans are one-time use only, meaning you may be purchasing refills if you want to achieve the floating effect often.

Similar Products

WubbleX is the latest in a line of “Wubble” brand products. The wubble ball design is unique, and therefore you won’t find anything like it anywhere else. Unfortunately, all of the Wubble balls have been plagued by complaints of popping before consumers feel they received their money’s worth. It is almost identical (if not the same) as Tiny Wubble, which I believe is still sold at stores such as Target for about $10.

Epic Conclusion

WubbleX is the latest Wubble ball to be advertised, offering an “anti-gravity” gravity ball which can be inflated with helium and used indoors. The differences between this product and the Tiny Wubble are elusive aside from the included can of helium. If this product can fix some of the durability issues of prior Wubbles, this could be a popular item. That, however, is a very big “if.”

If you’ve used WubbleX, please give it a star rating and comment below.