Wild Pets Spider Review: Electronic Toy Spider


Wild Pets Spider

Wild Pets is a line of toy spiders, offering real-life electronic pets with several modes of play.

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Claims & Features

  • Battery operated
  • Responds to touch
  • Performs tricks
  • Moves like a real spider
  • Several modes of play: Cage Mode, Adventure Mode, Attack Mode
  • Available in four different species
  • Ages 5+

Cost & Availability

We found a Wild Pets Spider Habitat at a local Toys R Us for $24.99. We also spotted it at a nearby Babies R Us for the same price. It does not appear that it is being sold online, other than from third-party vendors on Amazon.

We have also seen a Wild Pets spider – minus the habitat – for about $15.

Wild Pets Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.

Wild Pets Spider Reviews

For those of us who are fascinated by spiders, but don’t have the courage to actually own one, Wild Pets offers a chance to interact with a realistic electronic spider.

There are several modes of play: Adventure Mode, Cage Mode, and Attack Mode. The spider’s LED lights change color to show which mode is currently engaged. In Cage Mode, the spider calmly walks around, while Adventure Mode is a bit more active. Finally, there is Attack Mode in which the spider “chases” a target.

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Wild Pets is simple to operate, and the three modes are pretty distinct. It is activated by pressing the touch sensor on the spider’s back. There is virtually no learning curve, although understanding how the spider operates in each mode may take some trial and error. Our testers had a great time with Wild Pets, but didn’t make much use of the habitat other than for storages.

Although the commercials and product description claim you can “tame” your spider, it isn’t clear how much taming actually takes place. You can certainly engage it and change modes, or have it chase in Attack Mode, but these would all be pre-programmed features, and not necessarily taming. Despite this small point, however, we found the Wild Pets Spider to be one of the more enjoyable toys we’ve come across in 2015.

Epic Conclusion

Wild Pets Spider is a winner. It’s a well-designed toy which enough modes to keep the interest of its owner. While we’re not sure that the habitat is a worthy upgrade, or if it can truly be tamed, we’re certain that kids will love Wild Pets despite those insignificant concerns.

If you’ve used Wild Pets, please give it a star rating and comment below.