TouCan Review: Hands-Free Can Opener


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TouCan Can Opener

TouCan is an As Seen on TV can opener which allows consumers to effortlessly open cans with a hands-free design.

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Claims & Features

  • Hands-free can opening
  • Works on all shapes and sizes
  • Magnet prevents top from falling into can
  • Also removes bottle caps and loosens jar lids
  • Uses 4 AA batteries – not included (can also use rechargeable batteries)

Cost & Availability

TouCan is available from the official product website for about $20 with free shipping. A “deluxe” model is also shown for $29.98, also with free shipping.

As of January 2016, we have seen Toucan in stores for about $15-$20. We have not seen the deluxe model in stores.

TouCan Commercial

The television commercial for TouCan below was posted on the official product YouTube channel in April 2015.

TouCan Reviews

This hands-free can opener is marketed by Telebrands, one of the largest (if not THE largest) As Seen on TV companies in the world. We first noticed this product on the Telebrands website in early 2015, and a commercial was posted online soon after. The official product website was registered in late 2014.

Despite advertising claims that TouCan is a “revolutionary” design, it actually closely resembles a common hands-free can opener design (see below). And, although it may not be as revolutionary as they would like us to believe, the design is actually quite proven to be effective and user-friendly. It is no more difficult to use than a standard electric can opener.

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TouCan is placed on the can, a button is pressed, and it circles around the top of the can, stopping when the top is completely detached. There is a magnet which holds the top in place, preventing it from falling into the can. We found the magnet to be slightly weak, but holds the top in place most of the time.

TouCan requires 4 AA batteries. Although it isn’t a rechargeable product per se, product reps have confirmed that rechargeable batteries can be used. It is unfortunate that batteries are not included, meaning you can’t operate it out of the box unless you already have batteries on hand.

Our product researchers feel that TouCan’s design and price make it a competitive option in this category, although there are concerns that it lacks strength to work properly once batteries are no longer at full power. Another caveat when ordering online is that of shipping, which can take several weeks according to the product website. Now that Toucan is available in stores, you may want to simply look for it locally to avoid shipping delays. We spotted Toucan at a local Bed Bath and Beyond here in Las Vegas in late 2015.

Currently Toucan holds a 2.8 star rating at Amazon among about 200 reader reviews, although over 50% of the product’s rating is held by 1-star reviews.

Similar Products

There are numerous hands-free can openers available. These tend to range in price from $10-$25, and typically sport a similar design than that of TouCan. Many of these competing products are highly-rated among consumers.

One of the highest-rated touch can openers at Amazon is that of the Hamilton Beach 76606Z model, which retails for about $30 and holds an impressive 4.7 star rating with over 4000 reader reviews. That is perhaps the gold standard of modern one-touch can openers.

TouCan Conclusion

TouCan is an As Seen on TV can opener which sports a familiar design. Although it may not sport a completely unique design, we feel it is worthy of a 3 to 3.5 star review, which is reflected by our readers and those on Amazon. You may want to investigate the very highly rated Hamilton Beach opener if you are looking for alternatives.

If you’ve used TouCan, please give it a star rating and comment below.

This review has been updated since its original publication in July 2015.