ThunderLeash: Review and Observations


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About ThunderLeash

ThunderLeash is advertised as a product which reduces pulling in dogs by exerting gentle pressure around the animal’s torso whenever it pulls. It clips to your dog’s collar and then wraps around the body like a harness. ThunderLeash is not a harness, and applies pressure slightly differently than a standard harness.

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This product is among several “Thunder” brand products for pets. Most pet owners are familiar with the highly-advertised ThunderShirt. Newer “thunder” products include ThunderSpray, ThunderToy, ThunderTreat – and today’s focus, the ThunderLeash.

ThunderLeash can be used in two ways: as a standard leash, or as a no-pull harness. It comes in two sizes, Small (12-25 pounds) and Large (25+ pounds).

All of the “thunder” products, including the ThunderLeash, can be found on the official website. There is also a dedicated website that was briefly used in advertising:, which now fowards to the ThunderShirt website.

How much does ThunderLeash cost?

When you purchase online, ThunderLeash costs $29.95. A retractable version was added to their catalog later. It retails for $39.95. ThunderLeash is available in stores. I found one at a local PetSmart here in Las Vegas for $29.99.

A pink version was added to the official online store in 2015. It retails for $29.95.

ThunderLeash Television Commercial

The television commercial below has been airing in mid-2015:

Below is a transcript of a longer ThunderLeash commercial which aired in 2013:

If walking your dog feels more like tug of war than a relaxing stroll, stay tuned. Leash tugging and pulling is a very common problem, many times resulting from anxiety, over-excitement, reactivity  or just simple lack of training. Finally there’s a simple, effective no-pull answer to this aggravating problem: ThunderLeash, from the makers of ThunderShirt, the world’s leading calming solution.

ThunderLeash reduces or eliminates leash pulling quickly with no extra equipment or complicated harnesses. Here’s the secret: When your dog pulls or reacts, ThunderLeash’s ingenious on-demand no-pull design creates simple calming pressure around your pet’s torso. When your dog pulls, gentle pressure is applied. The result – no pulling. It’s that simple.

“She’s been pulling for six years. With the ThunderLeash it’s only been less than a minute. She’s not even trying to get away from me.”

“She was pulling me off my feet. Now it’s a completely different experience using the ThunderLeash. Two completely different dogs. Her name’s Angel so she walks like an angel.”

ThunderLeash fits all sizes of dogs and it makes a great training tool as well.

“Mack is definitely proof that the ThunderLeash works. He’s a 90-pound chocolate lab that has been impossible to walk up until now. With the ThunderLeash we’re now going on two mile walks and enjoying them.”

“With the ThunderLeash you walk down the street, you’re confident, you’re calm, you’re under control. So is your dog.”

Call now or go online to get ThunderLeash. ThunderLeash is recommended by dog trainers and pet owners across the country.

“The ThunderLeash simply wraps around your dog’s torso. It applies a safe compression and that prevents from pulling.”

“You should absolutely try it, because otherwise your dog’s going to be walking you instead of you walking your dog.”

And when you order, we’ll include a pack of our natural chamomile calming treats for free. We’re so confident in ThunderLeash’s ability to help your pet that if you don’t see great results, simply return ThunderLeash for a full refund, but keep the treats as our gift just for trying ThunderLeash.

ThunderLeash Reviews

I purchased a ThunderLeash for my 5-year old chihuahua. I found the product to be well-made and easy to put on her. In the walks we’ve taken with the ThunderLeash, I did notice some difference in her behavior, especially when she tended to pull. I wouldn’t say the product completely stopped her pulling, but she seemed to pause more often during our walks, which I presume was a result of the pressure from the ThunderLeash.

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What I was not able to evaluate is how the product works with long-haired dogs. I saw one reviewer online who said that it pulled the hair of a long-haired dog. If you have a long-haired dog, let me know if the ThunderLeash caused any problems for your dog.

I like the design of Thunderleash, as it allows you to use it as a regular leash or as a harness. In the case of larger dogs which pull, the harness configuration is probably going to be preferable.

Thunderleash is sturdy and has a durable feel to it, and the handle includes light padding. A majority of dog owners have expressed satisfaction, although there is a minority of those who have said that the fit was awkward or that it did not stay in place. As dogs come in so many different sizes and shapes, so will the experiences with Thunderleash.

My experience with ThunderLeash echoes the nearly 400 Amazon reviewers who give the product an average 4-star rating. I feel that most consumers will find this product to be of use. You can purchase locally to facilitate the returns process, if necessary.

Alternatives to ThunderLeash

There are other no-pull products on the market, many of which can be found at your local pet store. Brands such as Martingale, EasyWalk, and Sense-Ation offer popular alternatives. I recently spotted a knockoff at a local Big Lots for under $10.

Bottom Line

ThunderLeash may or may not work, and no product is a magic bullet for every customer. It would appear, however, that more dog owners have said that it works than those who have said it doesn’t. I felt that it provided some relief from pulling, but it is not an absolute solution.

ThunderLeash is a durable product, and a capable entrant in the no-pull product category, albeit a bit pricey. I wouldn’t call it a miracle solution, but in my case I felt some improvement over using a regular collar. A trip to your local pet store may yield other no-pull options at a lower price.

Your ThunderLeash Reviews

Have you used ThunderLeash? Give me your reviews in the comments below.

This review has been updated since its original publication in July 2015.