Storytime Theater Review: Does it Work?


Storytime Theater

Storytime Theater is a bedtime projection unit for kids which displays animated Disney characters onto a wall or ceiling.

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Claims & Features

  • Free app
  • Read, listen, record, watch bedtime mode
  • 8 Disney stories & characters to collect
  • Requires batteries and smart device
  • Official website: (originally advertised as, which now forwards to the current official site)

Cost & Availability

Storytime Theater was initially offered from the product for sale on the official website for about $90. The website now merely states that the prorduct can be found at Toys R Us, Target, and Kmart.

You can find it in stores for about $80, and we recently spotted it at Toys R Us on sale for $60.

Storytime Theater Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of August 2015.

Transcript of the commercial above:

“Can I go to bed now, please?”

“Ready for bed!”

“Yay! Bed time!”

Turn off the lights, and get ready for fun with – “Storytime Theater!”

Your favorite Disney stories are about to come to life!

“It’s magic!”

You can turn bed time into wow time with any tablet, and the Storytime Theater projector, Just download the free app, choose a story, place the press-and-play character, and watch your story magically come to life!


Watch as each story animates and moves right before your eyes! And with your Storytime Theater, there’s so many ways to watch, listen, read, and play. You can read the story aloud, listen to the narrator, record your own voice, or use bedtime mode and fall asleep to your favorite story. It’s bed time fun for everyone!

Storytime Theater Reviews

The current Storytime Theater is a more high-tech version of the classic bedtime projector for kids. This device connects wirelessly to a tablet, which must be running the free app. Each story includes a “Press N Play” character that is touched to a tablet in order to unlock the story. A projector connects wirelessly to the tablet, and displays an animated story on the wall. There are three different modes: Read to Me, which projects and narrates the story. “Ready it Myself” mode projects the images but allows kids to read (or record) it. “Bedtime” mode tells the story to a starry night and then shuts off.

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Pictures move in a rudimentary animation, although it is probably sufficient for most kids delighted by the in-bedroom theater experience.

The thought of wirelessly connecting a toy with a tablet sounds like a potential headache for non-tech types, but it is pretty straightforward and easy, thanks to a giant network button that resides on the projector. On your tablet, you then look for the Storytime network connection and connect to it. We found no problem in this process.

Because Storytime Theater will probably remain somewhat static, it would have been nice for it to use AC power, rather than relying on expensive C batteries.

Overall, Storytime Theater is well-made and offers a pleasant bedtime experience that most kids will enjoy. The various modes are a nice touch, although “Bedtime” mode seemed to be the favorite here.

Some consumers have expressed frustration that Storytime Theater cannot operate independently of a smart device, thus not operating as a standalone product. You must have your device in a relatively close proximity for it to function properly. Online issues around Christmas saw some new customers unable to download stories or connect to the service, a problem which has since been eliminated.

Similar Products

The current Storytime Theater should not be confused with an older models which use cartridges, and can still readily be found online.

Epic Conclusion

Storytime Theater is a high-tech version of the classic bedtime projector. The makers have created a rather simple process which delivers a crisp picture and enjoyable experience for kids. We only wish that it were slightly more affordable, offered more stories, and didn’t require batteries.

If you’ve used Storytime Theater, please give it a star rating and comment below.

This review has been updated since its original publication in August 2015.