Sky Viper Drones Review: Do They Work?


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Sky Viper Drones

Sky Viper Drones are toy drones which are designed to perform stunts and record or stream video.

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Claims & Features

  • Some models record HD video
  • Perform flips and barrel rolls
  • Controller designed to be easy for beginners
  • Flight sensitivity switch
  • Sensor-controlled blades
  • Can fly in any direction

Cost & Availability

There are several models available which can be found at retailers ranging from around $30-$130.

Sky Viper Drones Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.

Sky Viper Drones Reviews

Drones are an emerging industry and have now made their way into the toy aisle thanks to products like Sky Viper Drones.

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There are multiple models sporting the Sky Viper name, although for the purpose of this review we will cover the line as a whole. Current models include m200 Nano Drone, s670 Stunt Drone, v950 HD Video Drone, and the Toys R Us exclusive v950STR Video Streaming Drone. Below are the differences between the models.

  • m200 Nano Drone is small-sized, but allows for full-sized type maneuvers. It typically runs about $30 and currently holds a 4-star rating on Amazon.
  • The s670 Stunt Drone is built for high performance stunts with the durability to withstand crashes.It also stands at 4 stars on Amazon and runs about $65.
  • v950 HD Video Drone costs about $110 and allows you to record 20 minutes of video in 720p on the included memory card. There is a 1-touch panoramic feature which allows a 360-degree image capture. This model currently stands at 3.8 stars on Amazon.
  • The Toys R Us exclusive Streaming Drone sells for about $125 and offers live streaming to your smart device (Android and iOS). Reviews are rather limited as of this writing.

In general, Sky Viper Drones are well built and perform their designated functions quite well. The cameras included with the v950 and Streaming Drone are acceptable, but certainly not up to high-end action cam quality one would expect with a GoPro or other action cam. There is something of a learning curve when operating the camera.

Controls, on the other hand, are easy to use and (on some models) can be scaled to suit user abilities. The range seems a bit smaller than we expected with other RC flying toys, but certainly acceptable.

Epic Conclusion

Regardless of what your drone requirements are, Sky Viper offers a respectable drone experience for kids and parents. While these are not at the same level as high-end drones, they are well made for the toy category, handle well, and offer a fun experience. If you don’t expect too much from the cameras, you’ll find them to be a worthy investment.

If you’ve used Sky Viper Drones, please give it a star rating and comment below.