Perfect Cooker Review: Does it Work?


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Perfect Cooker

Perfect Cooker is an As Seen on TV cooker which can make small meals and desserts.

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Claims & Features

  • Portable-sized cooker
  • One-button no-programming feature
  • Keeps food warm when done
  • Non-stick removable pot
  • Cool-to-touch outer case
  • Can make complete meals or desserts
  • Available in red, black, or white
  • Endorsed by Eric Theiss

Cost & Availability

The Perfect Cooker 3 Cup comes in a “Buy 1 Get 1” offer for $39.98 (broken into two $19.99 payments) plus $9.99 P&H for each cooker, for a total of $59.96. You can now find the Perfect 3-Cup in some stores such as Kohl’s for about $30.

The Perfect Cooker 5 Cup also comes in a “Buy 1 Get 1” offer for $79.94 (broken into two $39.97 payments) plus $9.99 P&H for each cooker, for a total of $99.92.

You will also have the option to add a 4-year warranty and Titan Peeler to your cart upon checkout.

Perfect Cooker Commercial

The TV commercial below was posted to the official Perfect Cooker YouTube channel in July 2015.

Transcript of the commercial above:

Does the mealtime grind have you losing your mind? Mixing, blending, stirring, and rescuing? Introducing the Perfect Cooker. Now you can make perfect rice every time with just one touch. Brown rice, white rice, wild rice, any rice. Perfect grains, too. Oatmeal, quinoa, grits. How about pasta cooked from dry right in its own sauce?

The nonstick inner pot makes cleanup a breeze, and of course it’s dishwasher safe.

Perfect Cooker also makes perfect complete meals, like protein-packed turkey chili, hearty stews, and mouth-watering meatballs. Prepare homemade meatloaf in under one minute. Tasty lasagna, cooking the noodles right in the sauce.

And the perfect one touch soup maker. Make noodles and oodles of Buddha Bowls. You can even cook from frozen with just the touch of a button.

How does it do it? Its built-in thermal sensor calculates the exact heat and cooking time for any recipe, and when your meal is done it automatically goes into a warm mode, so it’s ready to eat when you are.

How about perfect chili, an all-American classic prepped in minutes, and ready for game time? He’ll think you slaved all day. Egg-tastic breakfast with a touch of a button. Perfect omelet, perfectly hard boiled eggs, and breakfast sandwiches. Great for seafood, rice bowls, lasagna, pulled pork, burrito bowls, and more.

What about desserts? A brownie volcano prepped in minutes with the touch of a button. Make apple crumble, banana bread, birthday cakes, even perfectly-made cheesecake.

Make it and now take it. Perfect Cooker is portable. Now you can enjoy home cooked meals anywhere. RVs, boats, tailgate parties, and sporting events. The possibilities are endless. And office workers are raving about it because they can make meals right at their desk. No more standing in line at the microwave or expensive lunches out. And look, its compact design takes up less than a coffee machine. It easily stores away in seconds in any cupboard or desk drawer. Order now. Make mealtime perfectly easy and perfectly delicious with the Perfect Cooker.

Perfect Cooker Reviews

Perfect Cooker is an As Seen on TV cooking appliance which is advertised as a portable and compact way to create meals. It features an inner non-stick pot which can be washed easily. The outside of the unit is cool to touch.

With Perfect Cooker, you can warm up food or cook small meals, which will be kept hot automatically.

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Perfect Cooker is a small unit, which is mostly likely going to make enough food for one person in most cases. It warms up food based on a “thermo sensor” which calculates cooking time. It will automatically enter warming mode to keep food at a proper temperature until it’s ready to be eaten.

This is an excellent choice for dorms, offices, and RV’s – places where only one or two people may need food prepared. It won’t feed a large family, however.

A 5-cup capacity model has since been added, which may alleviate complaints about its small size.

Perfect Cooker started appearing in stores in early 2016. This will allow you a chance to evaluate it in person to see if the size is appropriate for your needs.

Similar Products

Perfect Cooker is similar to the Crock Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmer, which has similar features and is rather highly-rated from customers on Amazon. That product only runs about $20.

Epic Conclusion

Perfect Cooker is a solid product which performs generally as advertised. The 3-cup model is not large enough to feed a family, and it is more expensive than some popular competitors. It should prove pleasing to the majority of customers who purchase it. Now that it is available in stores, you can evaluate the size as well as avoiding shipping costs and delays.

Have you tried Perfect Cooker? Please give it a star rating and comment below.