Knockerball Reviews: Does it Live up to the Hype?


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Knockerball is a giant inflatable ball which encompasses a rider, allowing them to jump, roll, flip, and bump without harm.

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Claims & Features

  • All-encompassing bubbled chamber which allows the user to knock, roll, and flip without incurring injury.
  • Can be inflated in about 4 minutes with a pump or shop vac.
  • Available in PVC and TPU materials
  • Recommended for ages 18 and higher
  • Best in temperatures from 50 to 85 degrees.
  • Two sizes: 1.2 meter (medium) for users under 5 feet 7, and 1.5 meter (large) or those over 5 feet 7.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Also available in red.

Cost & Availability

Knockerball comes in two versions: PVC and TPU. A single PVC Knockerball costs $249, while the stronger TPU version is $319. Purchasing in higher quantities of 6 or more will reduce the cost per unit. There are no additional shipping costs.

Knockerball can be purchased with a “3 Pay” option, breaking the cost into three payments. Knockerball can be rented in some cities from independent businesses.

Knockerball Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.

Knockerball Reviews

Knockerball is more than just a product, but a sport and business opportunity. As a sport, Knockerball is also called bubble soccer, and leagues are popping up all over the country. As a business, Knockerball rental companies are also on the rise.

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This article is limited to Knockerball as a consumer product. In our evaluation, we found Knockerball to live up to the promises and hype of the advertising. The group we observed playing with Knockerballs in a park in Las Vegas were not holding back, playing quite roughly – and the balls held up without any apparent problems. Some of the hits we saw looked like they would hurt, but the balls’ occupants sustained no injuries due to the bubble’s cushion of air. The fun factor ran high, and the replay value appears to also be quite solid.

Knockerball is not recommended for anyone under 18 years of age, which appears to be the demographic which would most covet such a product. We saw some users who appeared to be teenagers using it, without incident. While we couldn’t not be sure anyone in this group was actually under 18, it stands to reason that most teenagers would find such a product irresistible and ignore such a recommendation.

Due to the cost of the product, it isn’t affordable for some consumers to purchase multiple units (buying four, for example, would be about $1000). And, while a single Knockerball can still be fun via rolls and flips, it just isn’t the same as having several friends bouncing around in them. The high cost is one reason that rental companies are offering their services, to bring multiplayer Knockerball to those who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

Perhaps the most critical observation about Knockerball is not related to the product itself, but regarding some of the responses by company representatives online, which have been described as unprofessional.

In April 2015 Cam Newton posted a video on Instagram of himself playing Knockerball with friends at Easter. In what could be described as a testimonial to the product’s durability, Knockerball held up well with the 6 foot 5, 245 pound quarterback at the helm.


A video posted by Cam Newton (@cameron1newton) on

Knockerball vs Bubbleball

There appears to be something of a rivalry between Knockerball and Bubbleball ( The products look similar, have similar pricing, and promote leagues which use their products (both referring to the sport as “bubble ball”). Both are available in PVC and TPU. We have not evaluated a Bubbleball firsthand, and cannot comment on its merits directly. While it is unclear which of these products came first, it is clear that Knockerball is winning the war of popularity, as evidenced in the Google Trends chart below. Knockerball also has more than 10 times the number of followers on Facebook as of this writing. Popularity, however, is not always an accurate measure of a product’s worthiness, and the debate of Knockerball vs Bubbleball is beyond the scope of this review.

Epic Conclusion

Knockerball is a large bubble made of PVC or TPU which allows its user to bump, roll, and flip without injury. We found the product to live up to its advertising hype, and perform as expected. While some consumers may consider it an expensive investment, there are rental options available in many cities which may be a better fit for some consumers.

If you’ve used Knockerball, please give it a star rating and comment below.