Kidizoom Action Cam Review: Go-Pro For Kids?


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Kidizoom Action Cam

Kidizoom Action Cam by VTech could be called a “Go-Pro for kids.”

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Claims & Features

  • Takes video and pictures
  • Mounts allow for attaching to bikes, skateboards, etc.
  • Waterproof case up to 6 feet
  • Takes microSD card (not included)
  • Included USB cable for uploading photos and video
  • 1.4 inch color display
  • Stop motion and time lapse features
  • Ages 4-9
  • Three games included

Cost & Availability

Kidizoom Action Cam can be found online and in stores for about $60.

Kidizoom Action Cam Reviews

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As with many adult fads, the action cam craze has found its way into the kids market with this VTech offering. Sporting a similar square design as the Go Pro, Kidizoom Action Cam really does seem like a Go Pro for kids. It can be mounted in a variety of locations and capture 640×480 video of whatever activities the kids want to capture.

While not offering the robust architecture as some of the leading actions cams out there, Kidizoom Action Cam provides enough muscle to keep kids entertained over the long haul. You may not find the fish-eye extreme wide angles, wi-fi, Bluetooth, or remote access found on full-featured cams, but you will find a built-in screen which allows kids to immediately view their work.

Although this product comes with a 128 internal memory, you’ll want to insert a high capacity microSD card to take full advantage of the camera.

The battery is ample, lasting a couple of hours between charges, which is achieved via an included micro USB cable.

The included mounts are sufficient for most kids activities such as riding bikes or skateboards. The waterproof case also seems to hold up well, and can be used as deep as 6 feet, which should be ample for most kids.

Perhaps the only glaring omission, which is likely due to cost, is that of image stabilization. When mounted on a bicycle, for example, the cam’s final product can tend to be somewhat bouncy or jerky due to a lack of stabilization.

Overall, however, Kidizoom Action Cam is a worthy product, and we’re willing to venture that some adults who don’t need a full-fledged action cam may even pick one up.

Similar Products

Kidizoom Action Cam isn’t the first action cam for kids, although it is the most visible in 2015. A product called Action Shot has been around for several years and is marketed to kids and teens. It can be found as low as $27 on Amazon. It offers very similar specs, and holds around a 3.5 star rating from customers.

Epic Conclusion

Kidizoom Action Cam is a competent action cam for kids. While it may not offer the high-end features found on high-end action cams, what it does offer is an affordable and durable product that bring the action cam experience to kids.

If you’ve used Kidizoom Action Cam, please give it a star rating and comment below.