Dr. Hart’s Power Floss Reviews


Dr. Hart’s Power Floss

Power Floss is a manually-powered oral irrigation device which uses air and water to clean teeth.

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Claims & Features

  • No batteries or cords. Powered manually.
  • Air infusion technology uses air and water to remove plaque and debris
  • Ergonomic design
  • Works well with braces, bridges, crowns, and implants.
  • Can substitute mouthwash instead of water

Cost & Availability

Power Floss costs $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping for a total cost of $21.98. A second unit for an additional $4.99 shipping is automatically added to the order for a grand total of $26.97. A 2-year subscription to Better Homes and Gardens is automatically included as well.

Power Floss Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of May 2015.

Power Floss Reviews

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Dental oral irrigators have existed since the early 1960’s, and the most popular brand is WaterPik. Dr. Hart’s Power Floss appears to sport many of the same features as that popular product. Where Power Floss differs in design is that it is powered manually by means of a button which is repeatedly pushed. This button projects air and water through the device which is used to remove plaque and debris. While the lack of electrical power may make some consumers take pause in the effectiveness of this product, our researchers were pleasantly surprised at the quality and end result.

Investigation of this product may prompt the question as to whether irrigation is actually superior to brushing or flossing. The Mayo Clinic states that “Standard dental floss is generally considered the most effective tool for cleaning the tight spaces between the teeth,” and that irrigation “isn’t generally considered a substitute for brushing and flossing.” This, however, does not represent the findings of a study which concluded that “Oral irrigation paired with a manual toothbrush was statistically better at reducing bleeding and gingivitis than manual brushing and flossing.”

Although Power Floss is marketed in the U.S. as Dr. Hart’s Power Floss, it is available in the UK from Oraldent, with comments on this site dating back to 2009.

Epic Conclusion

Power Floss is a surprisingly effective oral irrigation device which uses only manual power. We found the price to be competitive and the results to be consistent with more expensive models.

If you’ve used Dr. Hart’s Power Floss, please give it a star rating and comment below.