Dinovite Review: Pet Supplements


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Dinovite is a brand of dog and cat supplements that are designed to reduce shedding and relieve allergies.

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Claims & Features

  • Provides nutrients that are usually cooked out of regular food
  • Contains delicate nutrients and fatty acids
  • Helps reduce shedding and odor
  • Relieves allergies
  • Supports immune system health

Cost & Availability

You can purchase a variety of Dinovite products directly from the website for costs ranging from a few dollars up. The flagship supplements range from $25 to $230.

Dinovite Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.

Dinovite Reviews

Dinovite is a line of pet products for dogs and cats, with its primary focus being its supplements which are said to allieviate such problems as itchiness and poor digestion. The marketing claims that vital nutrients are cooked out of regular food during the manufacturing process, and Dinovite can restore a full range of nutrients to your pet’s meal. Simply add one scoop to Fido’s meal, and watch as he is restored to his healthy and youthful self.

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Obviously ascertaining the effectiveness of a pet supplement is a difficult, if not impossible task. Pets vary wildly in their individual tastes and reactions to different foods or supplements. With Dinovite, you will hear both sides of the coin, from bitterly angry comments, to glowing testimonials.

Taking a look at the ingredients, you’ll find a number of standard and proven staples of pet supplements such as flax seed, dried kelp, zinc, alfalfa, and several probiotics. A few other ingredients are not as common, and some may say these could be the cause for such a divide in opinions.

For those who have found that their dogs didn’t like, or reacted poorly to Dinoviate, DogVitaminReviews points out that this could be “caused by the over abundance of yeast cultures which are usually not palatable to dogs and often present serious allergic reactions in most breeds.” It is also possible that the lesser known ingredients could be more beneficial to some dogs, which is why some pet owners swear by it.

In the end, you’re probably taking some chance with almost any supplement until you’ve actually tried it with your pet. There are certainly many satisfied customers of Dinovite who are glad they tried the product. If you find their sales pitch compelling, you may want to start with their smallest offering as a test before committing to the larger volume packages.

There are a few discussions of Dinovite over on Ripoff Report, although it should be noted that some of those reports have been focused more on the return policy than the product itself. Some commenters have been quick to defend the company, and even its return policy.

Similar Products

Pet supplements are a booming business and there are a number of popular brands such as Pet Naturals. You might want to peruse some of the more popular offerings on Amazon to see what else is available. Your local pet store and vets office may also be able to provide more information.

Epic Conclusion

Dinovite is a brand of pet supplements that is somewhat expensive, but makes bold claims in its advertising. It contains a number of common and proven ingredients, along with some lesser known inclusions which seem to be where division among the product exists. Reviews run the gamut, and you will probably not find a consensus that matches your own experience. Purchase a small quantity first to see how your pet responds. Dinovite isn’t the only game in town, but it has its share of fans and detractors.

If you’ve used Dinovite, please give it a star rating and comment below.