Dareway Revolution Review: Does it Work?


Dareway Revolution

Dareway Revolution can be described as a Segway for kids.

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Claims & Features

  • 12v battery
  • Built-in sound system
  • Adjustable handlebar to three different heights
  • Power meter to display remaining battery life
  • 40% faster than the original Dareway

Cost & Availability

Online: Toys ‘R Us: $199.99 (originally $249.99)

Dareway Revolution Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.

Dareway Revolution Reviews

The original Dareway was released in 2014 with a heavy marketing push, and implied a Segway-like experience for kids. Response was overwhelmingly positive, and now the brand is back with a new version, the Dareway Revolution.

The key improvements include a new adjustable, streamlined handle and a speed boost of 40%, music player, and battery meter.

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The handle can now adjust to three settings, allowing a more comfortable riding experience, which can also grow with the child, or accommodate children of different sizes. The handle’s design has also been scaled down, offering a more open look than the original Dareway.

Kids can now play music via an audio jack connector and speakers, which was likely added due to user feedback.

Although the product specs don’t specify the speed at which the Dareway Revolution can travel, it does state that the new model is 40% faster. Thus, since the original Dareway was listed with a 3.7 mph speed, it would be safe to assume that the new model should travel about 5.2 mph.

The inclusion of a power meter may sounds like a minimal addition, but it will prove quite beneficial – and better than attempting to guess how much battery life is left. It shows three status levels: green, yellow, and red. This could be invaluable when gauging how long to play, and could avoid kids having to manually push a dead unit back to the charging station.

All of the features which made the original Dareway popular have been retained, including the ability to make 360-degree turns, foot and brake accelerators

Dareway Revolution requires some assembly, to the chagrin of some customers. If you aren’t handy at assembling large toys, or don’t want to hassle with it, you may want to see if your local Toys R Us can do it for you.

As of this writing, Dareway Revolution is only available at Toys R Us. Because the original can be found at additional retailers, it would be safe to assume this will eventually happen with the newer model as well. For now, however, if you’re intent on purchasing this product, you will want to head to a local Toys R Us or the company website to pick up yours.

Epic Conclusion

Dareway Revolution can be described as a Segway for kids, and this newest version adds a host of new features which – in retrospect – were sorely missed the first time around. If you don’t mind the $200 price tag, we’re sure your kids will love this product. Keep in mind, however, that larger kids may not be under the recommended 89-pound weight limit, although this probably won’t deter many users from getting one.

If you’ve used Dareway Revolution, please give it a star rating and comment below.