Bunchems Review: Creative Toy for Kids


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Bunchems are “shapeable bits” which allow kids to make their own creations.

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Claims & Features

  • Build your own creations
  • All pieces stick firmly together, but come apart easily
  • Neat and easy
  • Cleans up easily
  • Ages 4+
  • 8 colors

Cost & Availability

You can purchase Bunchems from the official product website for $25 for a 400-piece set. This includes decorative accessories such as googly eyes, along with a Fun Guide. Shipping is currently free.

Bunchems is currently listed on the Toys R Us website for a late August 2015 arrival date.

Bunchems Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of August 2015.

Bunchems Reviews

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Buncehms are small balls with Velcro-like arms that allow them to be easily stuck together. This opens up endless creative possibilities for kids to make designs of anything they can conjure. The product also includes a “Fun Guide” that provides instructions on how to create a variety of figures.

Although we have seen a rise of one-time use toys in recent years, Bunchems can be used indefinitely, making it a good long-term value.

Bunchems sports a simple design, but it seems to work as advertised, with pieces sticking together with ease, but also coming apart with little effort. Perhaps one of the beauties of Bunchems is how easy it is to clean up, easier even than Legos or Play Doh.

It does appear from a recent exhibit at a Toy Fair that there may eventually be individual Bunchems kits which allow you to create a single character. These are not featured on the website or advertising, so it isn’t clear if those will come to fruition.

There are perhaps a couple of minor “cons” worth pointing out, although we don’t feel these outweigh the product’s “pros.” The cost is perhaps slightly higher than other kids’ creative toys, but it is unlike any other product, so there is a novelty to it which may justify the cost. Further, the sample characters shown in the advertisement and packaging may not be realistic end results for younger kids to achieve, although the included Fun Guide does help somewhat in this area.

Similar Products

Bunchems would be best placed in the creative building category alongside such products as Legos, magnetic building sets, or even Play Doh. Its design, however, is somewhat unique.

Epic Conclusion

We give Bunchems positive marks for long-term play value and creative play. A couple of minor cons shouldn’t dissuade consumers from considering this product.

If you’ve used Bunchems, please give it a star rating and comment below.