Copper Fit Socks Reviews


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Copper Fit Socks

Copper Fit Socks are cotton socks imbued with copper ions. They are marketed as highly durable and comfortable socks that bestow the benefits of copper. The socks are made with moisture-absorbing cotton fibers that are bound with copper ions during production. This supposedly imparts the socks with the health benefits of copper.

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Cost and Availability

Copper Fit Socks are available to order on the product website. Currently there are two offers. Buy one pair and get one free for $9.99 + $4.99 shipping and handling (S&H) for a total of $14.98.

There is also another option for a set of 6 with free shipping for a total of $29.99. A sales tax is added to order from CA, NJ and NV. The website offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, yet the guarantee doesn’t cover return S&H.

You can also find Copper Fit Socks in stores for about $10.

Claims and Features

  • Copper has antimicrobial properties which prevents foot/sock odor
  • Cotton absorbs sweat which further prevents odor
  • High durability and comfort
  • Does not irritate or sensitize the skin

Copper Fit Socks Commercial

Below is a Copper Fit Socks commercial posted on the IDV Products YouTube channel in July of 2014.

Copper Fit Socks Reviews

Copper Fit Socks first hit the market in late 2014, among a throng of other copper-infused products that flooded the market at that time. Copper infused clothing has been around for some time, and there are questions about whether or not copper actually imparts benefits or it is mainly hyped advertisement. In a comparison of Copper Fit Socks to a regular pair of high-quality cotton athletic socks, we saw no difference in comfort or performance. While such things as sweat and odor are highly subjective, we saw little improvement over regular socks. We did feel that Copper Fit Socks were comfortable and well-made.

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A sizing chart on the Copper Fit Socks shows that there are only two sizes available for men and women. Small/medium for men = show sizes 5-9.  Large for men = show sizes 10-12. Small/medium for women = shoe sizes 6-10. Large for women = shoe sizes 11-13.

Epic Conclusion

Copper Fit Socks are athletic cotton socks permeated with copper ions. Purportedly, this makes them more durable and comfortable than the average athletic sock, and they allegedly absorb sweat and odor better than socks made without copper. Some reviewers of other copper infused clothing have questioned if there is actually any real benefit to wearing copper. Despite the hype of the advertising, most consumers seem content with their purchase of Copper Fit Socks.

Have you used Copper Fit Socks? Give us your opinion below.