Tyme Iron Review: Straightener and Curling Iron


Tyme Iron

Tyme Iron is a high-quality hair straightener and curler which is said to save time for all of your styling needs.

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Claims & Features

  • Heats to 400 degrees F.
  • Can be used as straightener or curling iron
  • Made with gold-plated titanium plates
  • Create a wide variety of styles and curls
  • On/Off switch, but no auto shut-off

Cost & Availability

Tyme Iron (often stylized in all caps as TYME Iron) retails for $190 and can only be purchased from the official website, TymeStyle.com. The domain TymeHair.com was used prior to 2016.

Tyme Iron Reviews

This product was first announced in late 2014 as a way to help women create beautiful curls in less time, while also providing the convenience of a straightener. It is said to achieve this due to its design and the gold-plated titanium plates which supposedly produce a “higher negative ionic charge than ceramic plates as well as more efficient heat transfer to the hair.” The device warms up to 400 degrees, and there is no heat setting. The product FAQ goes into detail as to why there are no heat settings, noting that most people don’t use the proper amount of heat, and that 400 degrees has been found to deliver the best results. We found that it seems to heat up faster than a standard curling iron.

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One side of Tyme Iron is used as a straightener, and the other is used to curl. There is a certain movement that may take some getting used to in order to achieve proper curls with this product (compared to the same motion as revving a motorcycle in their how-to videos). Some users on YouTube and the product’s Facebook page have said that they couldn’t get it to work as advertised, although – to their credit – Tyme’s social media reps are quick to respond and offer help to those who can’t seem to use it correctly. Even Tyme’s FAQ seems to hint that there is a learning curve involved, “Once the technique of curling with this iron is mastered you will wonder how you ever lived without it!”

Once you get the hang of the wrist motion, you will find that Tyme Iron is a rather capable tool of creating a variety of curls. Tyme’s Facebook page has many helpful videos which offer advice on getting the most out of the product.

Tyme Iron doesn’t feature an auto shutoff feature, which is explained as a way to benefit women who are distracted by kids or clients, only to come back to find the product cold. Although such a feature may work well in those instances, it may not sit well with someone who drove to work, only to realize they may not have turned the iron off. The cord is of ample length, which allows for a variety of motions without worrying about pulling it out of the wall.

Some readers have suggested that you can curl your hair with an inexpensive straightener in a similar fashion as Tyme Iron, and there are numerous YouTube videos show this to be the case. Whether curls are achieved with a cheap straightener or the Tyme Iron, the end result will be greatly affected by the skill of the user.

The curls achieved by Tyme Iron are acceptable, but may not hold as long as those achieved with other devices. If you are not achieving the results you expect, try curling less hair at a time. We found that some users were trying to curl too much at once, which led to diminished results.

Pro tip: Brush your hair thoroughly before using in order to avoid burns and frizz.

Similar Products

Perhaps the most visible competitor currently is the Instyler Max, which is advertised on television as a way to curl or straighten hair. It operates differently, but makes many of the same claims regarding time savings and varieties of styles achieved. That product is less expensive and widely available in stores. See our review here.

Epic Conclusion

Tyme Iron is constructed of high quality materials, and will likely gain positive reviews for the vast majority of women who learn to use it properly. Whether or not its slight advantage over considerably less expensive alternatives will make the $190 price tag worthwhile, however, will be up to each consumer to decide. There is a learning curve involved, but those who stick with it will likely be glad they did.

If you’ve used Tyme Iron, please give it a star rating and comment below.