Swifty Sharp Reviews: Is it a Sharp Deal?


Swifty Sharp

Swifty Sharp is a cordless knife sharpener which is advertised as a way to restore dull knives to a sharpened condition.

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Claims & Features

  • Cordless, motorized blade sharpener
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries
  • High-grade sharpening stones
  • Guide holds blade at precise angle
  • Less expensive than high precision sharpeners
  • Catch tray for metal shavings
  • Easy storage
  • Good for paring knives, steak knives, scissors, serrated knives, fillet knives, and cleavers.

Cost & Availability

Swifty Sharp can be purchased for $14.99 plus $6.95 shipping for a total cost of $21.94. You can also add multi-purpose stainless steel shears for an additional $4.95, which brings your total to $26.98.

We have seen Swifty Sharp in stores such as Walmart for about $15.

Swifty Sharp Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.

Text of the commercial above:

Look familiar? A drawer full of dull knives. Tomatoes squished, bread loaves squashed, and a dull blade just chews up meat. Don’t toss your favorite dull knives, get Swifty Sharp, the incredible new cordless, motorized blade sharpener that restores the razor edge on any blade in seconds!

Look, this knife is dull, but to really destroy the edge, we cut into a rock again and again. But never fear! Swifty Sharp is here! Just press the power button, insert the blade in the guide, and slide. Now hone that edge once, twice, and those blade’s precision slices as fast as one, two, three.

With Swifty Sharp, it’s as easy as can be. Simply place the blade in the guide and slide. The guide holds the blade at the perfect angle as the professional grade, high-speed sapphire sharpening stone rotates, and sharpening and honing the blade, restoring the razor sharp edge. And under the guide is a catch tray to grab the shavings that fall away.

Swifty Sharp is magic on chef’s knives, carving knives, bread knives, steak knives, paring knives, fillet knives, cheese knives, and even choppers and cleavers. Rotate the guide to sharpen all kinds of scissors, and another guide for screwdrivers and small hand tools. And remove the guide to sharpen mower blades, hedge clipper blades, and the garden shears sharper than they’ve ever been in years.

And its compact design stores easily in a cabinet or drawer. Hand sharpening is dangerous, and electric sharpeners are bulky, and can cost $100 or more. Swifty Sharp is safe, compact, and gives you precision power sharpening at a fraction of the price.

And now the Swifty Sharp is yours for $14.99. Call now and as a special bonus, you’ll also receive these multi-purpose stainless steel shears, ideal for cutting vegetables and all your cutting and crafting projects. The shears are a $15 value, but they’re yours for just an additional $4.95 processing and handling.

You get the Swifty Sharp motorized blade sharpener and the stainless steel shears for one great price. Here’s how to order.

Swifty Sharp Reviews

While many As Seen on TV products often fail to live up to the hype, knife sharpeners have included some notable exceptions to that rule, with several in recent years amassing at least 3-star ratings from consumers. Swifty Sharp is a cordless knife sharpener which includes a guide that allows you to insert a knife at the proper angle. The blade is then moved across a sharpening stone, which helps restore your knives to their sharpest condition. It only takes a couple of passes to fully sharpen a knife.

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With a simple and proven design, our product researchers feel that Swifty Sharp will garner a rating of about 2.5 to 3 stars, with a small majority of consumers feeling that it works generally as advertised, although there are bound to be complaints by frustrated users who feel it is cheaply made. Those who mark it down will do so because it does not work with all types of serrated knives, and the requirement of 4 AA batteries to operate the unit. There is also the possibility of the sharpening stone coming loose, as noted in the product’s FAQ.

Now that Swifty Sharp has been available for some time, it is easy to gather a consensus opinion on the product. Walmart readers give it about 2 stars, Carol Wright Gifts customers have it at 3.2 stars, while over 115 customers on Amazon give it a rather lukewarm 2.5 stars.

Because there are a number of negative reviews focusing on Swifty Sharp’s “cheap” construction, we strongly recommend that you purchase it locally to avoid shipping charges and hassles. This will also facilitate the return process if necessary.

Similar Products

Knife sharpeners of varying sizes and shapes have existed for centuries. A product similar to Swifty Sharp is something like the Anysharp Knife Sharpener, a highly-rated, compact sharpener with a solid 4-star rating on Amazon.

You may also want to take a look at the relatively inexpensive Linkyo Electric Knife Sharpener, which has a 4.5 star rating among over 500 reviewers. That product can be found as low as about $23 if you shop around.


As you can see from the Google Trends chart below, interest in Swifty Sharp began around May 2015, peaked that summer, and then declined toward the end of 2015. As of February 2016, advertisements for Swifty Sharp can still occasionally be seen.

Epic Conclusion

Swifty Sharp is a compact cordless knife sharpener that restores dull knives to a sharpened condition. There are a few caveats which should be taken into consideration. We feel that consumers will be about evenly split regarding the value of this product. Purchase locally to avoid shipping costs and delays.

If you’ve used Swifty Sharp, please give it a star rating and comment below.

Updated March 1, 2016